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This news made the blood stir in our veins!

Early Bird: Prague bans slot machines. Trump is on shaky ground. Wonder Woman has been postponed

Martina Šmalclová
14.Sep 2020
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Gal Gadot jako Wonder Woman

Have a great morning! Prague is about to ban slot machines, but that doesn't have to bother you, because we can offer you a healthy form of addiction instead: our Early Bird! Today, it's going to report about the long-awaited Wonder Woman sequel, why Donald Trump should be afraid or what the new weapons against COVID-19 are!

The end of gambling in Prague

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Herní automat v casinu
Herní automat v casinuSource:

Prague representatives approved a new decree defining the conditions for operating gambling games. The main change is a blanket ban on slot machines directly operated by bettors. From now on, it will be possible to operate only casinos with live gambling in Prague, with the exception of 41 city districts, where ban on live gambling also applies.

"In Prague, we decided to follow the path of a blanket ban on slot machines throughout the city, because we set ourselves the goal of reducing the most dangerous forms of gambling, which include playing slot machines. Statistics show that limiting the availability of gambling has a significant positive impact in the area of negative social phenomena, such as pathological gambling or non-payment,"

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9, 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9, 123m, Praha 9

said Councilor Kordová Marvanová.

A number of other cities went down a similar path before Prague. A blanket ban on gambling is in place in České Budějovice, Břeclav, Kyjov, Klatovy and other places. Brno or Ostrava, on the other hand, plan to follow in Prague's footsteps - live gambling will be permitted there. Slot machines should disappear from Prague no later than 1.1. 2024.

Bloomberg goes against Trump

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Prezident Donald Trump
Prezident Donald TrumpSource:

This presidential term certainly isn't a walk in the park for Donald Trump. Former New York Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg donated $ 100 million to support his opponent, Joe Biden. The goal is to defeat Donald Trump in Florida, which appears to be the key state. It's said that this is where the current head of the US should win, if he wants to get the 270 votes necessary for re-election. We'll have to wait until after the November election to see whether Bloomberg's investment changed the game!

British AstraZeneca resumes vaccine trials

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Muž z injekční stříkačkou
Muž z injekční stříkačkouSource:

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced that tests of its vaccine COVID-19 would start up again in Britain. The vaccine trials were suspended worldwide at the beginning of last week after a British participant in one of the studies developed a neurological disease. In the US, they are still reluctant to resume testing.

No rest for the United States, a tropical storm is approaching

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Auto během tropické bouře v USA
Auto během tropické bouře v USASource:

After the devastating fires in California and the recent Hurricane Laura, the United States faces another ordeal. Hurricane Paulette is approaching Bermuda, while Tropical Storm Sally is moving towards the Gulf Coast and poses a potential threat of turning into a second-degree hurricane. The storm is expected to hit New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Louis Vuitton comes with a face shield

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Žena v obličejovém štítu Louis Vuitton
Žena v obličejovém štítu Louis VuittonSource:

Celine, Burberry, Off-White, Proenza Schouler… All luxury fashion brands have been competing in producing trendy face masks during the coronavirus pandemic! The French fashion house Louis Vuitton, however, decided to take it to the next level and came up with its own face shield. It should come on the market on October 30 and you'll be able to buy it online or in selected boutiques.

The shield will be both practical and luxurious. Thanks to its design, it should protect its wearer not only from coronavirus, but also from the sun. It will be adorned with an elastic headband featuring a monogram and an adjustable screen. It will thus be possible to wear the shield as a classic cap with a peak. The brand has not announced the price yet, but it's definitely not going to be cheap!

The Wonder Woman sequel has been postponed to December

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Gal Gadot jako Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot jako Wonder WomanSource: Profimedia

Fans of the superhero Wonder Woman and beautiful actress Gal Gadot will have to show some more patience. The release of Wonder Woman 1984 was originally scheduled for 2019, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline has been postponed four times. The new date is set for December 25, 2020. We can only hope that DC fans will actually receive the promised Christmas gift!

That's all from us today. We wish you a successful start to the new week and be sure not to miss our Early Bird tomorrow. It's already busy finding out for you what's going on at home and in the world!

Byt na prodej 172m - Bubeneč
Byt na prodej 172m - Bubeneč, Praha 6

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