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Early Bird: Melania Trump spoke. The number of new infections about to hit 10,000. Dexter is back

Martina Šmalclová
15.Oct 2020
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Melania Trump při projevu

The Czech Republic is experiencing another sad record. The number of new coronavirus cases almost reached ten thousand yesterday. First Lady Melania Trump shared her experience with Covid-19. Despite the grim situation in the world, fans of the series Dexter or dolphin lovers might have a reason to celebrate today. Keep reading to find out why!

Melania Trump spoke about the coronavirus

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Muž podávající klíče
Muž podávající klíčeSource:

First Lady Melania Trump published a personal essay on the White House website, describing in detail her experience with Covid-19. Her fourteen-year-old son Barron tested positive as well. Melania said her fears came true when Barron was tested and it came up positive. But, she added that luckily he is a strong teenager and exhibited no symptoms.

Melania herself, on the other hand, wasn't asymptomatic, similarly to the American president Donald Trump. She said she'd experienced a "roller coaster of symptoms," including including body aches, a cough and fatigue. However, unlike her husband, who underwent treatment with drugs such as dexamethasone (a corticosteroid) or remdesivir, she opted for a more natural treatment in the comfort of home.

"I chose to go a more natural route in terms of medicine, opting more for vitamins and healthy food,"

said Melania Trump.

The Czech Republic reached another record in new coronavirus cases

The Czech Republic is experiencing another sad record. Yesterday, the country has seen the highest number of new cases per day since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic - 9,544. The number of infected people who succumbed to the disease increased by 35 on Wednesday, which means the total number of victims is 1,172. A total of 139,290 people have been infected in the country so far, 77,217 of which are currently ill.

Prague to provide assistance to indebted people

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Thajci protestující v ulicích
Thajci protestující v ulicíchSource:

The City of Prague has decided to help with the promotion of debt counseling offered by the organisation People in Need to indebted people.

"The situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic affects the inhabitants of Prague as well as the whole Czech Republic. Due to loss of income, many people find themselves facing finacial issues that they won't be able to solve on their own. This may lead to a further increase in household indebtedness and an increase in the number of executions. I am therefore pleased that, on behalf of the capital, we are able to support professional debt counseling by a reputable organization that offers this form of assistance by exposure in the media and help provide assistance to people who really need it,"

said Milena John, Councilor for Social Policy and Health.

Where Prague residents go to deal with their daily affairs, there will be information leaflets that advise people on how to behave in the event of an imminent execution, when and how to reach debt relief, or how to proceed with choosing a loan. Offers for the use of the debt help line operated by People in Need will appear on the municipal website and elsewhere. Town hall newspaper of the individual city districts will also provide information on how to proceed with repayment problems.

Thailand bans anti-government protests

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Žena s rouškou
Žena s rouškouSource:

Thailand is being rocked by a wave of protests. People are calling for reforms and restrictions on the powers of King Maha Vatchiralongkon. The protest movement also aims to remove Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-och, who took power in a coup in 2014, which was supposed to end decades of violence between supporters and opponents of the country's founding. The protests have been escalating for three months, and protesters set up camp in front of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-och's office to demand his resignation on Wednesday night. They also blocked the royal column.

Following the tense situation and the emergency order to end the protests in Bangkok, the Thai government banned the gathering of five or more people in any public place and restricted the publication of news or online news that could be detrimental to national security.

Will dolphins in amusement parks be replaced by a robot?

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Delfín s cvičitelem ve vodě
Delfín s cvičitelem ve voděSource:

The American engineering company Edge Innovations with a division of animatronic and special effects has designed a robot that looks exactly like a live dolphin. The invention could solve the problem of dolphins captured for amusement parks once and for all. However, there is a minor catch - its price starts at 3-5 million dollars.

The company hopes that animatronics, also used in Hollywood movies, could one day entertain crowds of people in amusement parks instead of wild animals kept in captivity.

"Currently, there are about 3,000 dolphins living in captivity, which are used to generate several billion dollars just for the dolphin experience. So obviously there is a desire to love and learn about dolphins,"

said Edge Innovations founder and CEO Walt Conti.

This step would undoubtedly be appreciated by everyone who loves nature and living creatures. However, question remains whether it is realistic...

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

The Billboard Music Awards 2020 know their winners

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Billie Eilish v zeleném topu
Billie Eilish v zeleném topuSource:

Last night belonged to the Billboard Music Awards gala evening. However, due to anti-coronavirus measures, the event at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles was held without an audience. Presenter Kelly Clarkson did a great job at handling the situation and fuelled the evening with as much dynamic energy as she could provide.

"Tonight is about the way music touches us all because music connects with us in so many ways. No matter who you are, it moves us, sometimes literally,"

said Kelly Clarkson.

This year's awards went to rapper Post Malone (best artist, best male artist), Billie Eilish (best singer, best album Billboard 200), boy band from South Korea BTS (best social artist) or singer Khalid (best R&B artist). None of her several nominations brought singer Taylor Swift an award.

Dexter is back

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Melania Trump
Melania TrumpSource: Profimedia

The popular series Dexter will get a new limited season! The television network Showtime has confirmed that it ordered 10 new episodes. The main role in the series will again be portrayed by actor Michael C. Hall. The shooting should start at the beginning of next year.

And that's all from us. We wish you a pleasant Thursday and try to find something and positive about today, despite everything that's happening around us. As the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni said...

"The world is a beautiful book, but of little use to him who cannot read it."

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