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Early Bird: Melania Trump broke her silence. Coronavirus is growing stronger in the world. LEGO has a space rocket

Lukáš Bilinec
09.Nov 2020
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Melania Trump

The people close to president Trump are divided. Today, we’ll find out just how divided the board of the Czech Universal Health Insurance is with regards to the upcoming election of the new head of the largest health insurance company in the country. And a little birdy told us we can look forward to a new album that might break the music charts.

The people around president Trump cannot agree on a course of action

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První dáma USA, Melania Trump
První dáma USA, Melania TrumpSource:

While world statesmen and people like former Republican President George W. Bush are congratulating Joe Biden on his election victory, the incumbent 45th President of the United States still refuses to acknowledge his defeat. If the courts don’t change any of the election results, the democratic candidate Biden will win by 306 to 232 electors. CNN reported that Trump’s wife Melania and adviser Jared Kushner (husband of Donald's daughter Ivanka) disagreed with the head of state's refusal to accept the results and advised him to admit defeat. President Trump's sons, on the other hand, support his father in challenging the legitimacy of the election. Already on Wednesday, when the final results were not yet known, Trump threatened lawsuits in many states.

"The American people deserve fair elections. Every legal - not illegal - vote should be counted. We must protect our democracy with complete transparency,"

Melania Trump wrote on her Twitter tonight after many Republican politicians criticized her for her restrained attitude and any lack of comment on the election results.

Today, the Czech Universal Health Insurance Board of Directors elects a new boss

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Briefing VZP
Briefing VZPSource:

At an extraordinary meeting of the board of directors of the largest Czech health insurance company, the Czech Universal Health Insurance (VZP), its new boss for the next four years should be elected today. The board will choose from two candidates. The current director, Zdeněk Kabátek, is applying for an extension of his mandate. Against him stands his deputy for health care David Šmehlík. Political circles have expressed satisfaction with both candidates, and the choice should therefore be very balanced. The YES movement has eight representatives on the board and ODS three, while the Pirate Party and the SPD have two members each. All the remaining political parties and movements have one seat on the board. The election is secret and requires an absolute majority of 30 votes.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

More than 50 million people have already been infected with coronavirus

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Lidé v rouškách na ulici v Macau
Lidé v rouškách na ulici v MacauSource:

The total number of confirmed coronavirus infections increased to over 50 million after several countries had reported record numbers of new cases. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 1.25 million patients have already died of COVID-19. Due to insufficient testing in many countries and the asymptomatic nature of the disease in many young patients, the numbers of those infected worldwide are likely to be even higher. The United States still holds the lead in the number of confirmed cases, with the number of confirmed infections having exceeded 10 million. In the Czech Republic, the spread of the virus has slowed slightly in recent days. There are currently more than 400,000 confirmed cases, most of which are reported to have successfully recovered. The number of deaths with the infection in our country is close to 5,000.

LEGO has prepared another puzzle for adult audiences

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Raketa NASA z LEGO kostiček
Raketa NASA z LEGO kostičekSource: LEGO

The Danish company LEGO , which will celebrate its 90th anniversary in two years, once again proves that its products are more than just toys for children. The company has recently introduced a model of NASA's Apollo Saturn V space rocket, full of authentic details. It consists of more than 1,900 LEGO cubes and the whole building reaches a height of one meter. The model of the launch vehicle is made in a scale of about 1: 110. In addition to the rocket, enthusiasts can also look forward to three small figures of astronauts. You can buy this "toy" for $ 200 at the LEGO online store.

Chris Brown claims to be working on a joint album with Drake

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Zpěváci Chris Brown a Drake
Zpěváci Chris Brown a DrakeSource:

According to numbers, the most successful music performer of the last decade is the Canadian rapper Drake. Thirty-one-year-old American singer Chris Brown may not have reached quite the same level of popularity, but he also has a substantial fanbase, as evidenced by the fact that his YouTube channel has more than 10 billion views. During an instagram interview with another rapper, Fat Joe, Chris confirmed the rumors that he was working on a joint album with Draco. Fat Joe didn’t hide his enthusiasm when predicting this could be the most successful album in music history.

"Yes, we have some songs ready. A joint album is definitely something we're aiming for. I think it's going to be crazy, we wanted to shock the world,"

Rihanna's expartner, Chris Brown, said in an interview.

And that's all for this morning. We hope you step out into this work week like a boss. And if you happen to get blue at work, remember the wise words of the Romanian poet Valeria Butulesca:

"Today is Monday. There is a great hope that tomorrow will be Tuesday."

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