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Early Bird: McDonald's checks for covid. New Instagram. Christmas by Kylie Jenner

Kateřina Ostrejšová
14.Nov 2020
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Kylie Jenner při natáčení reklamy.

The number of people infected in the US is still growing, as a response the food chain McDonald's now performs checks for Covid-19. Kylie Jenner comes with a new Christmas cosmetics collection. Instagram has a new look too, but the innovations haven't been very successful among the users.

Covid checks at McDonald's

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Značka firmy McDonald.
Značka firmy McDonald. Source:

The McDonald's fast food chain has began inspecting all of its U.S. restaurants to ensure coronavirus safety precautions are being met. The numbers of positive patients in the US have increased sharply, to which McDonald's is responding.

McDonald’s owners had to ensure that the window issue service included equipment that would allow customers to use credit cards without having to hand them in to the retailers. Employees inside will be separated by protective panels to prevent any social contact.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

"Every day, McDonalds USA safely serves 25 million customers. In the age of COVID-19, our service has looked different, but I am so proud of the work we’ve done to protect the well-being of our customers and restaurant teams,”

McDonald's USA President Joe Erlinger wrote on Twitter.

A black hole in Australian education

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Studenti ve školní lavici.
Studenti ve školní lavici. Source:

Australia won't allow the return of foreign students, the capital city Canberra wants to prioritize the return of locals stranded overseas. Since March, Australia has closed borders for all but nationals and residents to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Foreign students strongly influence the Australian economy, it's approximately 770 billion CZK. Canberra hoped to gradually allow their return next year. But with thousands of Australians wanting to return home, there won't be enough quarantine facilities, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison. As soon as the locals return, they must enter a two-week quarantine.

Banning foreign students deepens the financial black hole Australian education faces. Losses are estimated at around 3 to 4 billion dollars, which is approximately 60 to 80 billion CZK.

A miss for Instagram this time?

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Žena s telefonem v ruce.
Žena s telefonem v ruce. Source:

Instagram has introduced a new update that radically changes the layout of the main page. And people hate it! The new look has moved the notification tab and the new post upload feature up to the right corner where the Instagram chat is located. At the bottom are newly added buttons for Instagram Reels (creating short videos) and shopping.

The main change is the notifications, those were docked on the screen and we could get to them while viewing the posts, which is now impossible. If you want to see your notifications, you have to go back to the main page. This provoked a great wave of negativity from the users.

A novelty that could be useful in a pandemic is the shopping section. Being able to go to the website of the selected product without any problems sounds like a pleasant time-saving feature. So it seems there's at least something Instagram managed to improve.

Christmas by Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner fotí produkty ve vaně.
Kylie Jenner fotí produkty ve vaně. Source:

Kylie Jenner's successful line of makeup is famous for its holiday collections. In the last few years, her company has created several thematically adjusted holiday collections. Jenner, who unveiled a holiday collection for 2020 on her Instagram this week, teased fans with photos of herself as Sexy Grinch, which is quite typical for a member of the Kardashian family.

"I have a small surprise revealed by the special brand Kylie Cosmetics, this year I worked with someone very special,"

Jenner said on her Instagram. Each product in the collection is themed by "The Grinch" (Christmas fairy tale) and contains more than ten new products, from an eyeshadow palette to a lipstick collection. You can buy the collection in a set called "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!" And it's dark red with green embellishments on the packaging. The new line of cosmetics by the young Jenner comes shortly after her reaching 200 million followers on Instagram.

The man from the document Caught In The Net received a three-year probation

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Herečky a režisér dokumentu V síti.
Herečky a režisér dokumentu V síti. Source: Profimedia

Sexual coercion, an illicit contact with a child and a spread of pornography. The documentary Caught In The Net, which premiered this year, helped punish one of the men appearing in the documentary. The man was given a three-year probation with a five-year delay. The court also granted him protective sex counseling treatment.

An actress pretended to be a twelve-year-old girl who was contacted by a twenty-four-year-old man from Milovice. He offered the actress money for video calls and also for sending nude photos. The girl sent them to him, but they were only photomontages prepared by the production of the documentary. When the actress rejected his advances, he threatened to publish her photos, which he did. He also threatened to sell them to other pedophiles and even met the actress in person.

And that's all for today. We wish you a pleasant Saturday and positive thoughts, because as the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said:

"Our life is what our thoughts make it."

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