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Early Bird: Liška celebrates his 49th birthday. Obama's former advisor has been appointed ambassador. Live broadcast from the cemetery

Kateřina Ostrejšová
29.Jan 2021
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Pavel Liška

The government of US President Joe Biden has appointed Robert Malley as its special envoy to Iran. Malley was a key member of former President Barack Obama's team. The controversial documentary "The Royal Family" reappeared on YouTube after having been banned the Queen in 1972. Actor Pavel Liška celebrates his 49th birthday. He's always excelled in the roles of fools and freaks.

Information on Covid-19 in one place

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Žena píše na počítači.
Žena píše na počítači. Source:

The data platform of the capital city of Prague - Golemio - brings information concerning various areas of life, especially in the capital city, on its website One of the topics that are currently most relevant is the development and situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The platform brings summarized and detailed information in one place. In addition, it offers data visualizations that can't be found on any other website that publishes information about the pandemic.

"During the pandemic, the Golemio data platform proved to be a key tool for managing the city. We have to make decisions based on real data and not impressions. There is also a lot of misleading information and fake news circulating on social networks,"

says Zdeněk Hřib, mayor of the capital of Prague. The platform draws most of the data for its visualizations from the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic, part is taken from the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

The largest cemetery in North America fails at handling the pandemic situation

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Holčička stojí na hřbitově.
Holčička stojí na hřbitově. Source:

Rose Hills Memorial Park in California is the largest cemetery in North America. Curreently, the 1,400-acre cemetery is trying to cope with the number of bodies waiting for burial due to the increase in covid-19-related deaths. Despite the numerous facilities available in Rose Hills, there is about a month's delay before families can use funeral services for their loved ones.

Patrick Monroe, CEO and President of Rose Hills, said there had been a sharp rise in services since Thanksgiving in November, with demand almost doubling. Among other things, Rose Hills had to buy a large number of refrigeration units to cope with the influx of bodies. The park has also set up tent areas to replace the chapels on site, and uses new methods such as live broadcasts to bring services to families.

Obama's former advisor to be appointed ambassador to Iran

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Joe Biden při proslovu.
Joe Biden při proslovu. Source:

The government of US President Joe Biden has appointed Robert Malley as its special envoy to Iran, the High Representative said yesterday, presenting him with one of the most complicated foreign policy challenges the US government is facing right now.

Malley was a key member of former President Barack Obama's team, who negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran and the world powers in 2015. A deal from which former President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018, despite strong opposition from Washington's European allies.

"Minister Blinken is building a dedicated team, drawing from clear-eyed experts with a diversity of views. Leading that team as our Special Envoy for Iran will be Rob Malley, who brings to the position a track record of success negotiating constraints on Iran's nuclear program,"

said an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most recently, Malley was president of the International Crisis Group, a non-profit organization focused on global conflicts.

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

Pavel Liška celebrates his 49th birthday

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Pavel Liška
Pavel Liška Source: Jan Handrejch / Právo / Profimedia

After finishing his studies at JAMU in Brno, Liška became famous as a stage as well as movie actor. Throughout his career, he has portrayed many notable fools and freaks. He received the Czech Lion Award for his role in Something like Happiness. And today he celebrates his 49th birthday.

"Acting is a strange profession. I had a period when I was pissing myself at night due to the absurdity in the theater,"

the actor who had said in an interview for Czech Radio an actor who had trained as a mechanic of spinning machines. It was the film Return of the Idiot that predestined him for numerous roles of freaks, fools and individuals on the fringes of society. Whether it's Lada in the Wild Bees, the incorrigible liar Vláďa Ptáčník in Pupendo or Eman in Up and Down.

In recent years, viewers could see him in the films Toman, The Lady Terrorist and The Last Aristocrat. This year, he should finish shooting Bohdan Sláva's Švejk.

"All my roles have one thing in common: they've all got something special, the souls of those characters are really deranged. But I enjoy it immensely,"

Liška said about his acting career. He currently lives with actress and singer Barbora Poláková.

The documentary "Royal Family" returns to YouTube

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Královna Alžběta II. s manželem Filipem.
Královna Alžběta II. s manželem Filipem. Source:

The controversial documentary "Royal Family" reappeared on YouTube after having been banned by the Queen in 1972. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and their family allowed the cameras to monitor their daily lives for 18 months between 1968 and 1969 - resulting in a documentary that aired on BBC One in June 1969.

The documentary was last shown on television just three years after it had been originally broadcast - and now fans of the royal family have a rare chance to watch it again. The film peeked behind the curtain of the royal family's lives, including scenes of their private barbecue at Balmoral or the Queen's discussion with President Nixon. According to The Independent, the documentary attracted 30 million viewers when it was first broadcast on the BBC, and another 15 million viewers when it aired on ITV a week later. However, it faced criticism from the royal observers, who claimed that the behind-the-scenes nature of the document defied the purpose of the monarchy.

We wish you a pleasant Friday morning. Have a nice weekend and use it to create new experiences, because as Abraham Lincoln said:

"The best way to predict your future is to create one."

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