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Early Bird: The biggest trade pact in history concluded. Hamilton could become the most successful driver. A new scuba diving record

Kateřina Ostrejšová
15.Nov 2020
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Lewis Hamilton s trofejí.

Lewis Hamilton could level the record of the famous Michael Schumacher at today's Turkish Grand Prix. An Egyptian diver broke the new world record from 2016. After almost ten years, the world's biggest trade pact has been concluded.

Hamilton becoming the most successful driver in history?

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Lewis Hamilton s rukama nad hlavou.
Lewis Hamilton s rukama nad hlavou. Source:

This is the very first time that Mercedes won't start at the Grand Prix from the pole position (the best starting point). The master stable had dominated all previous qualifications, but wasn't as successful this time. Their main driver, Lewis Hamilton, finished sixth, but today he could still become the most successful racing driver in history. If he won his seventh career title at today's Turkish Grand Prix, he would level the record of the famous Michael Schumacher.

"There isn't any grip at all. I don't really know what to say. We did the best we could and that was the fastest we could go. The track feels terrible, it feels like driving on ice. I did the best I could, I didn't spin and I didn't really make any mistakes, so I'm generally happy. I did everything I could with what I had,"

said the 35-year-old British pilot. The man in the position that Hamilton knows much better is the Canadian Lance Stroll, who won his first pole position in his career. This is one of the biggest surprises of Formula 1 in the recent years.

Students participate in a scientific research

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Studentka pracující v laboratoři.
Studentka pracující v laboratoři. Source:

The number of infected patients in the Czech Republic is already slowly declining, and yet the President of the Academy of Sciences, Eva Zažímalová, has decided to offer help in this situation.

"In short, we all have it in our hands - only through mutual solidarity, consideration and discipline, together with research into the behavior of the virus, the development of appropriate vaccines and drugs and ensuring their availability, we will successfully manage the coronavirus epidemic,"

believes Zažímalová and other employees of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. They encourage high school students who would like to experience something new to sign up for their internships. Researchers have prepared for them a variety of topics across the disciplines. It will be a unique opportunity for them to learn new things in the field of science and research already in high school.

The world's biggest trade pact was signed

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Asijská ulice plná lidí.
Asijská ulice plná lidí. Source:

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is due to be signed almost ten years after its creation. It's the largest trade pact in the world in terms of GDP. It includes ten members of ASEAN (Southeast Asian Nations), China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. India was also supposed to sign, but withdrew last year. It covers almost one third of the world's population (2.1 billion people) and contributes to about 30 percent of global GDP.

The RCEP was launched in the early 2012 to reduce tariffs, open trade in services and encourage investment to help emerging economies catch up with the rest of the world. Within 20 years of its entry into force, it should eliminate up to 90 percent of import duties between its parties and improve market access for goods and services in the regions.

Six days underwater

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Potápěč, který plave pod vodou.
Potápěč, který plave pod vodou.Source:

An Egyptian diver broke a new world record, spending almost six days in a row underwater. Saddam Al-Kilany remained under the Red Sea for 145 hours and 30 minutes, breaking the world record of less than 143 hours set by Turkish diver Cam Karabay in 2016.

Al-Kilany intended to last up to 150 hours, but his health problems created a complication in the end. Right from the beginning he wished to complete this world record in his native Egypt, in which he succeeded. Upon completion, hundreds of fans gathered ashore to celebrate the new record with him. The news comes just days after the Slovenian diver Alenka Artnik, 39, set a new world record by plunging more than 374 feet below sea level, about 115 meters.

Marie Antoinette's shoes for sale

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Palác ve Versailles se zahradami.
Palác ve Versailles se zahradami. Source:

Silk shoes, which belonged to the last French queen Marie Antoinette, will be auctioned today. The starting price starts at 10,000 euros, more than a quarter of a million CZK. The auction will take place at the Palace of Versailles, where the queen, who went down in history as a symbol of the eccentricity of the French monarchy, held a meeting with King Louis XVI before their execution in 1793.

The shoes bear her name on the heel and, according to Jean-Pierre Osenat, who will present the auction, it's assumed that she wore them regularly during her daily duties at the palace.

"This auction comes at a time when the French are facing real uncertainty about their values and many of them want to stick to the history of France, Marie Antoinette is someone who arouses the interest of the whole world,"

said Jean-Pierre Osenat.

That's all from us so far, we wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend. And as a Czech painter said:

"Life is not written, life is lived."

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

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