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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: India is developing a heat-stable vaccine. The Labor Office gets a new a director. Greta blasts Trump

Linda Veselá
06.Nov 2020
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Greta s rouškou

The Indians are working on a "warm" coronavirus vaccine that could withstand extremely high temperatures, and Louis Vuitton on gorgeous jewelry made of large clear diamonds. Meanwhile, Greta gave Trump a taste of his own tweets.

The Labor Office will get a new director

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Jana Maláčová v červených šatech
Jana Maláčová v červených šatechSource:

Labor offices with more than 11,800 employees will get a new boss today. He will be appointed by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová. However, Maláčová has not yet announced who is going to be the person to led one of the largest authorities in the country.

Pronájem 2kk, Praha 1, 60m2
Pronájem 2kk, Praha 1, 60m2, Praha 1

The position of director has been vacant since January, when Kateřina Sadílková left the position. Since then, a tender has been held three times.

And what can the new director look forward to? According to Maláčová, the goal will be clear - more digitization and less bureaucracy.

Trump's theories

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Donald Trump během kampaně
Donald Trump během kampaněSource:

Current president Donald Trump claimed during a press conference that he was losing the election only because of illegally counted votes. However, he has no evidence for this. He then continued to insist that he had won the election, but the victory was stolen from him by machinery, by which he meant the counting of mail-in votes. After his speech, he left the press conference before anyone could ask him a question.

Trump had previously announced that he would legally challenge every state victory by Joe Biden claimed towards the end of the counting of votes. The elections in the United States are extremely close this year and the winner is still undecided. Currently, six states are still counting the ballots.

A heat-stable vaccine

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Muž s vakcínou
Muž s vakcínouSource:

With India being extremely hot in the summer and temperatures often approaching 50 degrees Celsius, the country has an additional issue to address regarding the prospective coronavirus vaccine. The vast majority of vaccines need to be transported and distributed at temperatures between 2 and 8 °C, some even have to be refrigerated.

Try to imagine how difficult it must be to get such a vaccine to the tens of millions of people in remote Indian towns!

That is why a group of Indian scientists started working on a heat tolerant coronavirus vaccine. At 37 degrees, it could be stored for several months, at 70 degrees for about 16 hours, and it would even be able to withstand even an hour and a half at 100 degrees. The vaccine has already been tested on animals.

"I am hopeful that after this study, newer avenues would open up with regards to having cold-chain independent vaccines,"

says Renu Swarup, ecretary of India's Department of Biotechnology.

New acquisition for Louis Vuitton

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Diamantový prsten
Diamantový prstenSource:

The fashion house Louis Vuitton acquired a new jewel: the remarkable 549-carat diamond called Sethunya, which means “flower” in the Setswana. It is estimated to be between 1 billion and 2 billion years old. The brand announced the purchase in cooperation with the companies HB Antwerp and Lucara Diamond Corp, both of which guaranteed its ethical origin.

The diamond's uniquely shaped, exceptionally pure body is perfect for carving beautiful polished stones. And that's exactly what the brand is planning to do! Recently, LVMH confirmed the planned purchase of the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co, which it will acquire at a discount.

Greta strikes back

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Greta s rouškou
Greta s rouškouSource: Profimedia

Not so long ago, Donald Trump advised young activist Greta Thunberg in his tweets to "work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!" Now the tables have turned and Donald Trump got a taste of his own tweets. The strike came after he'd requested an interruption in the counting of ballots.

"So ridiculous. Donald has to work on his Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Donald, Chill!"

wrote the young Swede.

And that's all from us for today! We wish you a beautiful end of the week. The weather is supposed to be fantastic all weekend, so why not skip town and head out into nature? As Albert Einstein said:

"Look deep into nature and then you'll understand everything better."

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