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Early Bird: Fallon sells his NY home. Waterway to be built by the Vltava. Canada will mourn the victims of Covid-19

Kateřina Ostrejšová
09.Mar 2021
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Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon, the host of “Tonight Show”, and his wife Nancy Juvonen are selling their apartment in midtown Manhattan. The Prague City Council approved the purchase of land in Troja, where a new Water Sports Park is to be built. The Canadian government declared March 11 "National Day of Observance" and called on Canadians to honour the memory of all those who had lost their lives due to coronavirus.

Prague 1 has joined a group of European cities concerned with short-term accommodation

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Staroměstské náměstí
Staroměstské náměstí Source:

Since the beginning of March, Prague 1 has had its representative in a group of 22 regions and cities that concerns itself with the issue of short-term accommodation services, called the Alliance of European Cities. The Alliance is a group of European capitals and major tourist destinations, uniting cities such as Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Brussels, London, Munich, Paris and Prague. Although Prague, as a capital, has been a member of the Alliance since 2020, the first Prague district, most affected by short-term leases, has not yet had a representative in this important body. That has now changed - thanks to the Committee against the Depopulation of the Center and for the Support of Community Life in Prague 1.

"We in the Committee realize that we need an enforceable legal framework, and because the issue of short-term accommodation services is transnational in nature, I am pleased that, thanks to the Alliance, we can play an active role in creating European legal instruments that set clear rules,"

explained Bronislava Sitár Baboráková, chairwoman of the Committee against Depopulation of the Center and for the Support of Community Life. The Committee and Prague 1 are represented by lawyer Jan Eisenreich, who has long been dealing with the issue of short-term accommodation in apartments.

New waterway by the Vltava

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Parta na raftu.
Parta na raftu. Source:

The Prague City Council has approved the purchase of land in Troja, where the Water Sports Park is to be established. It will serve professional athletes as well as the general public. The capital will pay the owner a total of 541 thousand crowns for the plot.

"Even during the covid era, we must not forget about the city's strategic development projects, where a large number of Praguers will be able to spend their free time,"

says councillor for property Jan Chabr. The construction will have two stages: in the first stage, a new slalom track for water sports will be built, while the subsequent second stage will include mainly landscaping of the surrounding areas. The new water slalom track will measure approximately 270 meters in length, and the whole complex should have a capacity of 1,500 spectators. It will thus meet the parameters for organizing major sporting events such as world championships or world cup races. However, it will primarily be intended for training athletes in water slalom, rafting or white water rodeo and will also be available for practise and competitions of the forces of the integrated rescue system.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 274m2-Praha 5
Luxusní byt na pronájem 274m2-Praha 5, Praha 5

Thousands of women protesting in Barcelona

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Ženy mají ruce nad hlavou.
Ženy mají ruce nad hlavou.Source:

Yesterday, on International Women's Day, thousands of women in Spain protested against violence and for the promotion of equality. In the country where women's rights have been at the forefront of political rights in recent years, the largest demonstration took place in the centre of Barcelona. Most protesters wore purple banners that read, for example, "Male violence is also a pandemic."

Although the Barcelona protest had been approved in advance, due to the coronavirus, the event was limited to 3,500 participants who had to keep their distance. In Madrid, on the other hand, marches were banned due to criticism that last year's rally had helped spread the virus. Even so, a few defiant individuals took to the streets and about 50 women protested in the famous Puerta del Sol square.

Canada will mourn the victims of Covid-19

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Kanadská vlajka.
Kanadská vlajka. Source:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that on Thursday, the country would commemorate the over 22,000 victims of Covid-19 and pay tribute to those fighting the virus. The government declared March 11 the "National Day of Observance" and called on Canadians to honour the memory of all those lost due to coronavirus.

"The idea is also to pay tribute to all those who continue to work hard and make incredible sacrifices in our fight against the virus,"

Trudeau said in a statement on Monday. Canada has finally got a second wave under control and many provinces are loosening health restrictions even as some experts warn a third wave - propelled by more contagious variants - may already be on the way. The government is in the midst of ramping up a rollout of COVID-19 vaccines that has been slower than those of many other developed nations. The country now expects 36.5 million approved doses to be delivered by the end of June.

Jimmy Fallon is selling his New York home

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Jeden z pokojů v bytě Fallona.
Jeden z pokojů v bytě Fallona. Source:

The host of "Tonight Show" Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen are selling their apartment in midtown Manhattan. The couple asks 330 million crowns for the property. Fallon had bought the apartment in 2002, before he married Juvonen. Over the years, however, they have gradually bought three more apartments on the upper floors of the historic Gramercy Park building, turning four apartments into a single large one with six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Fallon and Juvonen turned the complex into a cosy and colourful mansion. For example, they restored the original hardwood floors and window frames, dating back to 1883, when the building had been built. The interior is unique through wallpapers from the 1940s and the overall variety of colours in each room.

That's all from today's Early Bird. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! And don't forget Enzo Ferrari's words:

"If you can dream about it, you can make it happen."

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