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Early Bird: COVID-19 has over a million victims. Vin Diesel becomes a singer. Billionaire Milton in trouble

Martina Šmalclová
29.Sep 2020
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Vin Diesel

Life is full of twists and turns you never see coming! Vin Diesel decided to become a singer in his 50s, Taylor Swift overtook Whitney Houston in the ranking of the best-selling records, the Chinese are changing their shopping behavior and some European countries are undergoing the same changes as the coronavirus continues to affect our lives!

COVID-19 has over a million victims. Even the benevolent Netherlands introduces new measures

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Trevor Milton v roce 2017
Trevor Milton v roce 2017Source: Miljøstiftelsen ZERO / Creative Commons, By Miljøstiftelsen ZERO -, CC BY 2.0,

The number of COVID-19 victims has exceeded one million. Countries across Europe are thus introducing a number of new measures. While in the Czech Republic, according to the Minister of Health Roman Prymula or Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, the state of emergency is being seriously considered, the more benevolent Netherlands has opted for milder measures. In the country where the increase in the number of daily cases was approaching 3,000 this week, some residents have been advised to wear masks inside shops for the very first time. As in the Czech Republic, restaurants and bars will have to close at 10 pm. Fans of sports events have been benched for a while and people are being encouraged tp work from home. Prior to this, the Netherlands has been largely avoiding strict restrictions. The highest numbers of cases have been registered in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. The new measures are entering into force today and should end after three weeks at the earliest.

Billionaire Trevor Milton faces charges of abuse and fraud

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Vin Diesel
Vin DieselSource: Profimedia

American billionaire, founder and former executive chairman of the automotive company Nikola Corporation is having a hard time. It's only been a few days since his resignation, which resulted from the fact that the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice had begun investigating his possible involvement in a securities fraud, and Milton already has further accusations and a scandal to deal with. Two women have accused him of sexual harassment. One of them is Milton's cousin Aubrey Ferrin Smith, who was supposed to be 15 years old at the time of the assault. Just like the other woman, who is said to have worked as an assistant in a security company, which Milton operated in 2004. The famous billionaire probably won't have the opportunity to get some rest any time soon…

Luxury electric cars are conquering the Chinese market

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Automobil Porsche
Automobil PorscheSource:

The coronavirus pandemic has changed consumer habits in China. Demand for luxury car brands such as Porsche is growing.

"Covid-19 has affected the psychology of consumers, increased the popularity of private transportation and at the same time made many Chinese wasteful,"

said Chinese CNBC CEO Jens Puttfarcken. He added that instead of traveling, consumers now spend more on luxury cars.

The German luxury carmaker Porsche stated that sales in China increased by 8% in 2019 to a record number of more than 86,000 vehicles sold. Let's wait and see what impact the newly acquired consumer habits will have on the year 2020!

The application that conquers Wall Street: Stocks at a glance

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Mobilní telefon s akciemi
Mobilní telefon s akciemiSource:

Young businessman Hadi Yousef came up with an app that is beginning to attract the attention of even the best Wall Street experts. He created an application called Earnings Calls, which collects and delivers the latest calls on the earnings of more than 2,100 publicly listed companies. The best thing about it is that it's as easy to listen to as podcasts. The application has more than 10,000 active users among which is, for example, a major investor Josh Brown from Ritholtz Wealth Management. And what about you, will you exchange your daily dose of relaxing music for a handy business overview?!

Vin Diesel becomes a singer

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Žena v roušce a mapa světa
Žena v roušce a mapa světaSource:

You may have been unaware of this, but next to kicking ass in front of the camera and driving fast cars like a pro, Vin Diesel also has a golden voice. Or so he thinks. The actor released his first song with the help of Norwegian music producer Kyga. It is called Feel Like I Do. Well, we don't know about you, but we think Vin looks a lot better behind the wheel. A cobbler ain't nothing but a broken pie…

Taylor Swift overtook Whitney Houston

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Taylor Swift
Taylor SwiftSource:

The popular folk singer Taylor Swift also celebrates success in the field of music! She broke the historic record in the best-selling music records and EPs in the USA. After being number one for 47 weeks, the legendary Whitney Houston was dethroned. She has been pushed back to the second place and Adele, who is third in the Billboard 200 rankings, will now be on her heels.

Can't stand Taylor or Vina? No problem! As Jan Werich used to say:

"Human laughter is the most beautiful music."

Luxusní byt s balkonem na pronájem Praha 1
Luxusní byt s balkonem na pronájem Praha 1, Praha 1

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