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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Billie Eilish sings in Spanish. Biden fights coronavirus vigorously. Prada has a streak of bad luck in Asia

Lukáš Bilinec
22.Jan 2021
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4 minutes
Americká zpěvačka Billie Eilish

Young American singer Billie Eilish surprised fans with her new song. Equally surprising was Elon Musk's post on Twitter, in which he stated he would offer billions to an exceptional inventor. And do you know what's currently in short supply in the Czech Republic?

Joe Biden presented a comprehensive plan to fight the pandemic

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46. prezident USA, Joe Biden
46. prezident USA, Joe BidenSource:

Already in his first hours in office, the new American president declared a war on COVID-19. The next day, he signed 10 extensive executive orders. The approach of individuals and society as a whole to the pandemic should take a dramatic turn. What is about to change, what is the new president able to do, and what rules do the people of the United States have to observe now?

The use of the defense law from the Cold War era gives the president the power to expand the industrial production of key materials or products. Face masks are now mandatory on planes, trains or buses. Federal compensation to states will increase from 75 to 100 percent of National Guard personnel and emergency delivery costs. Other changes include the acceleration of vaccination, more tests, including tesing in schools, efforts to reopen schools safely, improving the care of sick patients and finding new ways to treat infected people, greater protection of employees against COVID-19, direct and rapid support to communities affected disproportionately by the virus, better data and analysis that are crucial for the US fight against the disease.

The Czech Republic was hit by a bobsled shopping spree

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Děti táhnou boby
Děti táhnou bobySource:

The coronavirus pandemic has brought fun in the snow to the forefront of Czech people's interest, even though this form of entertainment has been losing popularity rapidly in the last decade. Closed ski lifts have forced people to head out with sleighs, bobsleds and saucers, out of which bobsleds are experiencing the biggest boom. Their sales increased by 500 percent year on year.

"In January, the demand for classic winter equipment, such as bobsleds, sleighs and gliders increased sharply. We now stock thousands of pieces every week, and they sell immediately. More bobsleds were sold in the first half of January than in the whole of last year,"

said Daniela Chovancová, spokeswoman for the e-shop. All other sellers in our country have similar experiences.

Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem
Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem, Praha 9

Elon Musk promises $ 2 billion to a smart individual

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Miliardář Elon Musk
Miliardář Elon MuskSource:

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, once again stole the spotlight on Twitter. In his newest tweet, he promised 100 million US dollars (2.14 billion Czech crowns) to a skilled individual who would present him the best carbon capture technology. This is by far the greatest gift Musk has ever given to anyone. The founder of SpaceX certainly calculates that this investment will pay off. Further details should be known next week. Carbon capture involves a combination of different technologies aimed at capturing carbon dioxide and preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere.

"Building a city on Mars will require a lot of resources. I want to be able to contribute as much as possible,"

Musk said earlier, adding that he was accumulating wealth so that he could either distribute it where needed or invest in space exploration.

Billie Eilish recorded a song in Spanish

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Americká zpěvačka Billie Eilish
Americká zpěvačka Billie EilishSource:

Nineteen-year-old Billie Eilish is one of the most brilliant stars of the contemporary world music scene. In 2019, she performed in the sold-out O2 arena in Prague. The young singer, whose new songs are being watched literally all over the world, has now shocked everyone with a new music video. It's not so much about its visual form as it is about the musical side. Billie recorded her new song Lo Vas A Olvidar with the 27-year-old Spanish singer Rosalía. And Billie herself sings most of the song in Spanish!

The Los Angeles native is about to let the fans peek into her life in the near future. She's working on her autobiography, which will include a number of private photographs. The vegan with Tourette's syndrome and synesthesia wastes no time when it comes to music either; she has several other new songs in her drawer. After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, we can expect her new album to drop, followed by a world tour, which will certainly be sold out again.

Prada has had major bad luck with Asian ambassadors

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Čínská hvězda Zheng Shuang v kampani Prada
Čínská hvězda Zheng Shuang v kampani PradaSource: Prada /

The Italian fashion giant got burt itself several times in recent months when choosing its faces for the Asian market. Twenty-nine-year-old singer Irene (Bae Joo-hyun) from the band Red Velvet has been accused of rude behavior towards a photo editor. She is supposed to have insulted him so badly that he broke into tears. The singer has apologized several times for her cruel behavior. The cause of South Korean singer Park Chanyeel, a member of the band Exo, also put the fashion brand in a bad light. His girlfriend, who he's been dating for three years, publicly accused him of repeated infidelity on social networks. According to her words, he had cheated on her with more than ten women. She even substantiated her claim with photographs.

However, the biggest problem for the Prada brand so far was caused by the Chinese actress Zheng Shuang. She was introduced on the Weibo social network as the brand's ambassador in China very recently, on January 11th. As early as Tuesday, however, Prada had to end their partnership with her immediately. Why? Her ex-boyfriend Zheng Heng revealed that the actress refused to take responsibility for two children born to surrogate mothers in the United States. This news caused a great storm of resentment in the country.

That's all from us this Friday morning. We hope that the last work day of this week will bring you only pleasant moments. And if you happen to be gloomy and feel like you haven't managed to do all that much this week, remember the wise words of Francis of Assisi:

"True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice."

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