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This news stirred the blood in our veins.

Early Bird: Biden plans to accept refugees. Unemployment is rising in our country. Record card sales

Lukáš Bilinec
04.Feb 2021
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Americký Joe Biden s rouškou v oválné pracovně

Republican politicians and their supporters can definitely feel their pulse rising right now due to the reports of a dramatic increase in the number of refugees accepted in the United States by Joe Biden's new government. Unfortunately, with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment in the Czech Republic is rising as well. And did you know what Amazon's new headquarters will look like?

Joe Biden's government wants to increase the number of refugees accepted

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Úřadující americký prezident Joe Biden při svém projevu
Úřadující americký prezident Joe Biden při svém projevuSource:

Today, the new ruling establishment of the USA should announce an increase in the number of refugees who will be able to come to the United States. After the years of historically low arrivals under previous President Donald Trump, this is a drastic change. Biden has already pledged to increase the numbers during his presidential campaign. He is expected to announce his plan today during a visit to the State Department. Trump's government had set a cap of 15,000 for the number of refugees allowed admission for this fiscal year (which ends in October). This is the lowest number since 1980. It is not yet clear by how much Biden will increase this cap. However, he reportedly plans to allow admission to up to 125,000 refugees per year in the future. The president signed several executive orders on Tuesday. AOne of them was the establishment of a working group to reunite families separated at the US-Mexico border.

"America's safer, stronger, more prosperous when we have a fair, orderly, and humane legal immigration system,"

said the 46th President of the United States.

In the Czech Republic, the number of hours worked decreased

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Pracující lidé v kanceláři
Pracující lidé v kancelářiSource:

The average number of hours actually worked per week in our country fell by 3.6 hours year-on-year to the current 31.6 hours in the last three months of the last year. The decline in the fourth quarter was the largest in 2020. The average number of hours actually worked per week for the whole of last year is 33.3 hours, which is a decrease of 2.1 hours per week compared to 2019.

"In the fourth quarter of the last year, the number of employed people decreased by almost 88 thousand year-on-year. The number of unemployed people increased by 53 thousand and the number of economically inactive citizens by almost 50 thousand. The coronavirus crisis thus left a significant mark on the change in the structure of the economic position of the Czech population,"

said Marta Petráňová from the CZSO Labor Force, Migration and Equal Opportunities Department.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Liz Cheney survived a confidence vote

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Republikánka Liz Cheney
Republikánka Liz CheneySource:

Experienced Republican politician and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Liz, got into big trouble after she voted to impeach Donald Trump. Her decision was prompted by the accusations of the 45th US president of inciting an uprising in the Capitol. In reaction, many of Trump's supporters as well as the former president himself wanted to remove her from her high position in the lower house. Liz Cheney is currently the third highest-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives. A few hours ago, the 54-year-old politician managed to defended her position in a secret ballot vote. She won by a large margin, with 145 votes in her favor and only 61 Republicans voting for her removal. Major upheavals in the Republican Party have thus been averted.

The planned Amazon headquarters attract attention

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Vizualizace budovy Amazon HQ2
Vizualizace budovy Amazon HQ2 Source: Architektonická kancelář NBBJ

Users compare Amazon's new headquarters to an ice cream cone, a poop emoji or a Christmas tree on social networks. The building will grow up in Arlington, Virginia. Its dominant feature, a glass spiral tower called The Helix, will be part of the complex of three Amazon HQ2 office buildings. The design is the work of the international architectural studio NBBJ. A walking path lined by trees will lead along the perimeter of the building, making work days more pleasant for both employees and visitors. In addition to the path, the building should also include an inner garden or a conference center with a capacity of 1,500 people. The architects didn't forget about the children or pets of Amazon employees. The spiral Helix tower should be open to the public on selected weekends.

American football player card worth millions

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Kartička hráče NFL Patricka Mahomese
Kartička hráče NFL Patricka MahomeseSource: Goldin Auctions Gaming

The sport frenzy is nearing its climax with the approaching peak of the American Football League (NFL) season - the SuperBowl final. The auction of a collectible card of Kansas City player Patrick Mahomes II, yielded a record result. The card sold for 861,000 US dollars (more than 18.5 million Czech crowns), which made it the most expensive American football player's card in history. It is a rookie card from 2017 with the player's signature. The huge interest in the card is caused by the fact that Mahomes has been doing very well in the NFL and has a chance to win another SuperBowl this weekend. The starting price was $ 50,000. According to Goldin Auctions, a total of 39 users took part in the auction. If the Kansas City Chiefs succeed in defending the title against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the value of the card is expected to increase immediately.

We don't have any more news for you this morning. Don't forget about your loved ones even in this hectic time. And remember the wise words of the American king of pop, Michael Jackson:

"Success, fame, and fortune, they're all illusions. All there is that is real is the friendship that two can share."

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