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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Beyoncé's Grammy Record. Another country gave AstraZeneca the red light. Conor McGregor celebrates

Lukáš Bilinec
15.Mar 2021
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Zpěvačka Beyoncé na předávání cen Grammy 2021

American singer Beyoncé is the most successful artist in history in terms of Grammy Awards received. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin also celebrates a record - and its value keeps climbing. And if you happen to have a gastronomy business, make sure not to miss today's deadline for claiming compensation!

Bitcoin stays at a maximum value

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Ilustrační mince kryptoměny Bitcoin
Ilustrační mince kryptoměny BitcoinSource:

Those who have owned a certain value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin for some time still have a reason to smile. The value of the world's most famous digital currency is constantly increasing in 2021. This year, 13 years have passed since Bitcoin was described and created by a person or group of people operating under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was on the rise already last year, but huge public attention and steep growth only came thanks to Elon Musk and his carmaker Tesla, who made a huge purchase, and the world's second-richest man himself repeated several times that it was better to hold Bitcoin than world currencies.

"Investment by institutional investors and corporates is increasing. It's what I call the financialisation of bitcoin. It's becoming an asset that investors can no longer ignore,"

Masafumi Yamamoto, the chief monetary strategist of Mizuho Securities, said last the weekend. What is behind the latest threshold crossed, this time that of $ 60,000 (the record fell on Saturday - $ 61,781, which is more than 1.35 million Czech crowns)? The increase in cryptocurrency can be explained by an increased willingness to invest and take risks in financial markets following the announcement of a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package signed by US President Joe Biden. At the same time, the President undertook to speed up the vaccination process.

Pronájem luxusního bytu 2+kk na Starém Městě
Pronájem luxusního bytu 2+kk na Starém Městě, Praha 1

Last day for subsidies from the COVID gastro program

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Prázdná restaurace
Prázdná restauraceSource:

Monday, March 15, is the last day when entrepreneurs in gastronomy have the opportunity to apply for a subsidy. Entrepreneurs affected by the measures taken in connection with the coronavirus pandemic are eligible for support from the COVID gastro closed establishments program. The deadline is up to 4 pm today. The original deadline of 1 March was extended by fourteen days following an increase in the financial limit from public support set by the European Commission. The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) had launched the possibility of registrations for compensation already on 18 January.

The Netherlands has suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca

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Hlavní město Nizozemska, Amsterdam
Hlavní město Nizozemska, AmsterdamSource:

The Northwest European country joins other countries that have suspended the use of the COVID-19 vaccine from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Suspicious deaths have been reported across Europe in connection with the use of this vaccine. However, the British company claims that it hasn't yet found any link between vaccination and the formation of blood clots, which can be responsible for a large number of these unexpected deaths. One of those is currently being investigated in neighbouring Slovakia, where a 38-year-old teacher died after having received the vaccine. Experts in Ireland have also recommended suspending vaccination with AstraZeneca. The Netherlands is going through turbulent days and tensions in the country before the parliamentary elections keep growing. The weekend demonstration against the coronavirus measures was uncompromisingly dispersed using water cannons.

The 63rd Grammy Awards were dominated by women

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Americká zpěvačka Beyoncé
Americká zpěvačka BeyoncéSource:

This year's award ceremony of the most prestigious Grammy Music Awards was different. It took place under strict security measures and completely without spectators. Women predominated among the winners. Singer Beyoncé took home her 28th Grammy statue, becoming the most successful artist in history.

"Thank you! It's a great honour for me. I want to uplift, encourage, celebrate all of the beautiful black queens and kings that continue to inspire me and inspire the world. It’s such a magical night, thank you so much,"

the 39-year-old native of Houston commented on her entry in music history.

Next to Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles or Taylor Swift have also received their Grammys at the gala event. American pop and country singer Swift won the prestigious award for album of the year with Folklore, which also happened to be the best-selling music album in 2020.

Conor McGregor increased his assets to more than 6 billion

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Irský MMA zápasník Conor McGregor
Irský MMA zápasník Conor McGregorSource:

Even though the Irish MMA wrestler isn't doing very well in the octagon and lost two of his last 3 matches, he has a reason for joy. A few days ago, word got out that Conor had decided to sell his majority stake in Eire Born Spirits (EBS), the company that's behind the Irish whiskey Proper No. Twelve. The whiskey is made from Irish spring water and the best grain and undergoes triple distillation in copper barrels. Thousands of customers around the world have fallen in love with the taste with a predominance of honey and fruity tones and the scent of vanilla, and combined with marketing by the most popular MMA wrestler of all time, this assures that the company's value is constantly growing. Mexican company Becle has now bought a 51% stake and allegedly paid approximately US $ 155 million (around CZK 3.4 billion) for it. Thanks to that, the total value of the Irish sports star's assets has more than doubled and now amounts to more than 6.5 billion crowns. What's more, Conor is only 32 years old, and so it's entirely possible that he will yet earn a ton of money in the MMA octagon or in the boxing ring. Perhaps he'll have more time for training and wrestling, now that he has sold the majority stake.

That's all from us for on this Monday morning. We hope you'll have a good mood all day long! Even French writer François Guizot already knew that:

"The world belongs to optimists, pessimists are only spectators."

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