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Early Bird: Avast has a new executive director. Lady Gaga's assistant was shot. Czech capital received 4,200 vaccines

Kateřina Ostrejšová
26.Feb 2021
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Lady Gaga

General practitioners in Prague are starting to vaccinate their patients. The capital provided 3,600 AstraZeneca vaccines for distribution. Lady Gaga's assistant was shot in Los Angeles while walking the singer's French bulldogs. Avast has announced the appointment of the Global Executive Director of the newly formed Avast Foundation.

Prague received 4,200 AstraZeneca vaccines

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Lékařka drží lahvičku s vakcínou.
Lékařka drží lahvičku s vakcínou. Source:

General practitioners in Prague are starting to vaccinate their patients. The capital provided 3,600 AstraZeneca vaccines for distribution. These are intended especially for patients from the most at-risk groups of the population. Young Practitioners are helping with the distribution to 173 general practitioners' surgeries.

"Prague is doing everything to meet its commitment - we will leave no vaccines unused, when they can save lives. We welcomed the Young Practitioners' initiative; we've joined forces to get the vaccines to the GPs as soon as possible. These practitioners undertook to vaccinate immobile patients who would find it very difficult to get to vaccination centres or surgeries,"

says Milena Johnová, Councilor of the City of Prague for the area of ​​health care and social policy. On Monday, the city received about 4,200 vaccines, which were delivered to the Municipal Hospital of Aftercare, one of the future vaccination sites. Some of the vaccines have been picked up by other registered Prague vaccination centres, and general practitioners have stopped by for some doses, too. Young Practitioners didn't waste any time and immediately came up with an appeal and an offer named "#Rozvezemeto" ("#Letsdeliverit"). A team was formed right away, and now, in less than two days, the vaccines are actually being distributed in Prague.

The UK lowers the alert level

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Dva lékaři v maskách a rukavicích.
Dva lékaři v maskách a rukavicích. Source:

Doctors in the UK lowered the Covid-19 alert level yesterday, citing a gradual decline in pressure on healthcare. Following recommendations from the Biosafety Center and the latest data, the UK's chief physicians and the Director of National Health Service have agreed to lower the alert level in the UK in all four countries from 5 to 4. Public health services in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland operate separately in most cases.

"Health services in all four countries remain under considerable pressure with a high number of patients in the hospital, but thanks to public efforts, we are now seeing numbers falling steadily,"

say the doctors.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Avast has a new executive director

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Shane Ryan
Shane RyanSource:

Avast, a global leader in digital security and privacy, announced the appointment of Shane Ryan from the UK as Global Executive Director of the newly established Avast Foundation yesterday. The organization had been officially founded in December last year to protect the digital lives of people around the world through programs focused on online security, trust and freedom.

"I have the desire, space and the opportunity to promote justice, equality and freedom in the digital space. We will first listen so we can tailor the program to the needs of the communities we serve around the world,”

says Shane Ryan. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Director at The National Lottery Community Fund, the UK's largest sponsor of community activities. On top of that, he started his own foundation, The Father’s Development Foundation, and is involved in many other charity activities.

Lady Gaga's assistant was shot

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Lady Gaga
Lady GagaSource:

Lady Gaga's assistant was shot in Los Angeles while walking the singer's French bulldogs. The suspect grabbed two of the bulldogs, used a semi-automatic weapon against the victim and, according to the police, fled the scene in a white sedan. The victim was immediately taken to the hospital and his state is unknown, Los Angeles police confirmed for the BBC. The third bulldog named Miss Asia escaped and was later tracked down by the police.

Lady Gaga offers more than 10 million for the return of their dogs, Koji and Gustav. Nobody knows whether the pets became a target due to her popularity, or whether it was an accidental or planned attack due to the particular breed. It's not an isolated case of an attack on French bulldogs, as it is a very popular type of dog, whose breeding is very difficult.

Swarovski changes its logo after more than 30 years

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Žena má na sobě šperky Swarovski.
Žena má na sobě šperky Swarovski. Source:

The iconic Swarovski jewellery brand has updated its swan logo after 32 years. The Austrian company has signed a contract with General Idea - the same agency based in New York that previously worked with Louis Vuitton or Moncler. The company wants to update the Swarovski brand identity.

The new logo, created under the leadership of Giovanna Engelbert as creative director, is intended to arouse desire and enthusiasm for new dreams. The swan remains as the company's symbol, however, its neck will be turned upside down and its wings will open, which means it is ready to take flight.

That's all from today's Early Bird. Have a nice Friday, and an even better weekend without great expectations, because as Titus Plautus said:

"What you don't expect will happen more often than what you expect."

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