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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Apple's market value at maximum, California fires have first victim, Reality show you need to see

Martina Šmalclová
20.Aug 2020
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Realitní makléřky ze Selling Sunset

We wish you a beautiful Thursday morning. As per usual, LP-Life has prepared an overview of hot news for you, which are definitely worth your attention. What did we find fascinating, amusing or disturbing? Read today's Early Bird to find out!

The US suspends the extradition agreement with Hong Kong

The extradition agreement is one of three bilateral agreements suspended by the United States on Wednesday. Agreements on the surrender of refugees and the mutual exemption of income tax have also been suspended. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained what had led USA to take these steps.

"The Chinese Communist Party has decided to crush the freedoms and autonomy of the people of Hong Kong."

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Donald Trump
Donald TrumpSource:

California is burning down: First casualty

Due to a record heatwave, California is plagued by fires again. To date, there are 367 wildfires, 23 of which have been labeled as large. More than 300,000 hectares of land have already been burned and the fires have claimed their first victim. It is one of the firefighters who was piloting a helicopter and crashed while extinguishing one of the smaller fires.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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Hasič při práci
Hasič při práciSource:

The Czechs have been spending a lot in 2019

According to recent information from the Czech Statistical Office, household consumption rates increased by 2.9% in 2019. The increase occurred mainly in the area of ​​consumer goods, namely clothing and footwear or home furnishings. Czechs have spent the most on recreation and sports since 1996 (by more than 8%). On the other hand, ecologists and environmentalists can rejoice, since the purchase of personal transport equipment fell by 3%. We are curious how 2020 will turn out, because let's be honest here, the weeks spent at home and the social distancing will definitely mess with the numbers!

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Žena na nákupech držící tašky
Žena na nákupech držící taškySource:

Apple's market value reaches $ 2 trillion

Regardless of the coronavirus crisis, American companies are experiencing a boom. The popular Apple achieved a huge success, reaching an incredible market value of $ 2 trillion. The company only passed the 1 trillion milestone two years ago! Apple's shares rose by almost 60% this year. Looks like someone's going to throw a huge party!

Airbnb's listing on the stock market is on the horizon

Although Airbnb has long had a number of opponents trying to suspend their activities, the company is still going strong. Now it's time for the haters to start tearing their hair out, because it looks like Airbnb will soon be listed on the stock market and offer its shares to the general public. The company has already filed an IPO registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. We have an inkling that this will cause a lot of turmoil!

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Žena s telefonem v ruce
Žena s telefonem v ruceSource:

Transparent toilets in Tokyo

If you're shy, don't even think about going to Tokyo! You'd probably be shocked by the transparent toilets in local parks. They are the work of Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, who believes that transparent walls decorated with vibrant colors and new technologies will make public toilets a more pleasant place. But don't worry. Not even the Japanese are crazy enough to enjoy being looked at during one of the most intimate human activities. The non-profit organization Nippon Foundation, which stands behind the project, revealed the trick in this unique project:

"Using new technology, we created exterior glass walls, which, however, become opaque when the toilet is locked."

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Transparentní toalety v Tokiu
Transparentní toalety v TokiuSource:

Selling Sunset 3: A reality show worth checking out

If you're into real estate, luxury, beautiful women and all things spicy, look sharp! We have a tip for for an action-packed Netflix show that's worth checking out. Have you already heard of Selling Sunset, where long-legged beauties sell real estate around Hollywood for tens of millions of dollars, while solving their personal problems? You're going to love this successful show! Netflix currently offers three seasons, with fourth soon to come.

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Realitní makléřky ze Selling Sunset
Realitní makléřky ze Selling SunsetSource:

We wish you a nice day and hope you'll get through it with a smile on your face under any circumstances. After all, even Abraham Lincoln knew that:

"Most people are as happy as they chose to be..."

Byt na pronájem na Praze
Byt na pronájem na Praze, Praha 3

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