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The friendship of these models was disrupted by two different beauty contests. Which ones?

Duel of friends and beauty: Eliška Bučková vs. Taťána Makarenko

Šárka Peková
13.Feb 2021
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Eliška Bučková a Taťána Makarenko

Models Eliška Bučková and Taťána Makarenko used to be best friends, who attended various events and spent a lot of time together. At the same time, they resembled each other more and more, as if they had been separated at birth. Even though they had done nothing wrong to each other, they suddenly reduced contact to a minimum. Each of them operates in a different beauty contest - the Czech Miss ESSENS and Miss Czech Republic, and those compete with each other. Come and compare with these charming models, and let us help you get a better idea of the two beauty contests, between which most people get confused.

Date and place of birth

Eliška Bučková

Model Eliška Bučková was born on July 23rd, 1989 in Hodonín. She grew up in Strážnice, where her family still lives. She currently lives in Prague; she'd moved there after participating in a beauty contest.

Taťána Makarenko

Model Taťána Makarenko was born on October 1st, 1989 in Belka, Odessa region, Ukraine. She moved to the Czech Republic at the age of 9 only with her mother. She grew up in Teplice and now lives in Prague.

Zodiac signs and characteristics

Eliška Bučková

Eliška was born under the sign of Leo. Working in modelling taught her to have sharper edges and not trust all the smiles around her. She claims to be courageous, hardworking and not giving up on her principles. She considers explosiveness and hasty decisions to be her weaknesses.

Taťána Makarenko

Taťána was born under the sign of Libra and she herself claims that she is a perfectionist who always expects great performance from people. She considers purposefulness to be her best quality, because thanks to it she is where she is.


Eliška Bučková

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Eliška Bučková v plavkách
Eliška Bučková v plavkáchSource:

The beauty queen from the year 2008 is 180cm in height and at the time of the victory in the Czech Miss (now the Czech Miss ESSENS) she prided herself in the measurements of 86-64-93 and the weight of 58 kg. Despite her fight against anorexia, she now looks great and works hard on herself. Exercise became her new addiction and she started to enjoy it so much that she devotes herself to it 6 days a week. The beautiful brunette has never publicly admitted to plastic surgeries, but it's obvious at first glance that she had her breasts enlarged. She also had her ears sewn flat.

Taťána Makarenko

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Taťána Makarenko na MBPFW 2020
Taťána Makarenko na MBPFW 2020Source:

Tatiana can pride herself in the measurements of 86-58-88, a height of 175cm and a weight of 52 kg. She maintains a perfect figure through regular exercises and beautification procedures. She also makes no secret of her plastic surgeries, specifically breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Aside from that, she invested in invisible braces, which were more expensive than her artificial breasts. The straightening of her teeth cost her more than 100,000CZK.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

Private life

Eliška Bučková

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Eliška Bučková s bývalým partnerem Jakubem Vágnerem
Eliška Bučková s bývalým partnerem Jakubem VágneremSource:

Eliška's former partners include - singer Václav Noid Bárta, with whom the model was also engaged, a billionaire's son Jakub Malina or fisherman Jakub Vágner, with whom she was in a relationship for almost 3 years. At the moment, she isn't officially dating anyone, and according to her, a man has to be funny, gallant and reliable. The material side, contrary to whar most people think, is not important at all.

Taťána Makarenko

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Taťána Makarenko s bývalým partnerem Zdeňkem Bahenským
Taťána Makarenko s bývalým partnerem Zdeňkem BahenskýmSource:

During the coronavirus, Taťána Makarenko put a full stop to her long-term relationship with the hockey player Zdeněk Bahenský and since May 2020 she has been dating businessman Martin Pánek. Even though her partner is 3 years younger, Taťána is convinced that Martin could finally be the right one. They even talk about children together.

Professional career

Eliška Bučková

Model Eliška Bučková won her beauty queen crown in 2008 in the prestigious Czech Miss competition. In the same year, she represented the Czech Republic at the Miss Universe and took 11th place out of 80 competitors. In 2010, she reached the TOP 10 in the Top Model of the World competition. In 2020, after Nikol Švantnerová, she became the proud ambassador of the Czech Miss ESSENS, and as she says, she can outline to the finalists a little about what victory in a beauty contest entails, what they can look forward to and what to avoid.

Taťána Makarenko

Taťána Makarenko has participated in several beauty contests, such as Miss Northern Bohemia, Girl of Šumava 2009 or iMiss PartyPlanet, where, as at Miss Flowerbud 2010, she took 1st place. In 2010, she founded the Miss Face Czech Republic beauty charity competition, which she renamed Miss Czech Republic in 2018. She considers the establishment of her own beauty contest to be a dream come true, to which she devotes herself to the maximum.

Czech Miss ESSENS vs. Miss Czech Republic

Czech Miss ESSENS

Until December 1st 2020, the Czech Miss ESSENS was known to the public as the Czech Miss. On that day, it presented the historically first titular partner, the ESSENS company, led by the owners Viliam Lalinský, Libor Prus and Michal Kovář, the partner of singer Kate Matl. This beauty contest, held since 2005, was a competitive event of back then more traditional Miss Czech Republic, which has been held since 1989. The two competitions were merged in 2010.

The contest sends its winners to the world's leading competitions - Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss Global. Its well-known winners include names such as Renata Langmannová (2006), Lucie Hadašová (2007), Eliška Bučková (2008), Iveta Lutovská (2009) Jitka Válková (2010), Jitka Nováčková (2011), Gabriela Kratochvílová (2013) and Nikol Švantnerová (2015). The general partner is Ford AMB Prague and important partners include also LG Chem, Lorano, Prim or Franck Provost.

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Eliška Bučková s finalistkami České Miss ESSENS
Eliška Bučková s finalistkami České Miss ESSENSSource: David Kundrát/ Czech News Center / CNC / Profimedia

Since 2018, the competition has been owned by the Greek cosmetics company Juliette Armand and the new director is the former television reporter and presenter Veronika Farářová. In 2019, the Czech Miss ESSENS underwent many changes - it's now year-round, more online, more partnering oriented and more charitable. It cooperates with the charities Drop of Hope or UNICEF and with an amount exceeding half a million CZK it also helped the sick Nikolka, who suffers from severe spinal muscular atrophy of the II. type.

This competition merged the years 2020 and 2021 together and also excluded one of the 14 finalists who presented herself on her social media with a bit too bold photographs. In total, there are 13 finalists and the date of the final is planned for the end of April or the beginning of May. The last finals in 2019 were broadcast by Prima television and this year's finals of the Czech Miss ESSENS will probably also appear on the television screens.

Miss Czech Republic

The founder and director of the competition is Taťána Makarenko. It was founded in 2010 and until 2018 this competition was called Miss Face Czech Republic. The winner gets to represent our country at the prestigious Miss World competition, which Taťána Kuchařová won in 2006. The Czech Miss ESSENS lost this license in 2017, which was the main trigger of the competitive struggle. More current licenses include the world women's competitions Miss Supranational, Miss International, Miss Grand International and Miss Intercontinental. Of the men's licenses, this competition includes Mister World, which falls under Miss World. The general partner of the competition is Notino and the official and main partners include Xiaomi, Weco-Travel, Elite Bath+Kitchen, SAS Group and Profi Beauty.

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Taťána Makarenko s vítězkami Miss Czech Republic 2020
Taťána Makarenko s vítězkami Miss Czech Republic 2020Source:

The competition skipped the year 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the possible double number of winners for world beauty contests, which have also been moved to this year. Castings for the new year 2021/2022 will start in September and the final gala evening is scheduled for May 2022. It's not yet known whether it will be broadcast by the music station ÓČKO, as it was in the previous years. Well-known winners include Nikola Uhlířová (2016), Kateřina Kasanová (2017/2018), Denisa Spergerová (2019) and Karolína Kopíncová (2020). In addition, the competition has a charitable subtext, as sponsorship donations, sales of calendars of finalists and voluntary contributions during the final evening go to support prematurely born babies in the Czech Republic.

Editor's question: What makes your competition better than the other one?

Eliška Bučková

"You know, I support anyone who works hard and believes in what they're doing. That's why I also know that nowadays, when there are more competitions in our country, everyone will find their favourite one that will appeal to them. I'm fighting for the one that, when I was a young adult girl from Moravia, opened the door to the world of modelling, theatres and spotlights for me. Thanks to it, I'm doing the work I love today, meet great people and gain valuable experience. The Czech Miss ESSENS may have changed its name and owner, but I know the team of people and I know that a good core is there and we will do our best to make our project beautiful, valuable, inspiring and fun."

Taťána Makarenko

"I have always tried to show our quality and professionalism with my whole team. I have 12 years of experience in organizing my competition, which I devote myself to 24/7, and it's been quite a number of years and experience that can't be replaced by anything. I'm sure in my steps and we are constantly moving forward. I perceive the knowledge of the field as a big plus and know-how, which is inextricably linked to quality. In addition, only one person has owned the competition this whole time. Me. It's important to know who is behind all this, and that it's all produced for girls who want to become Miss, not for the earnings of producers or owners. The girls and their development come first for us. We try to teach our finalists everything they will need in life, not only in their modelling career. Therefore, they have various training courses under the guidance of excellent lecturers. Whether it's a catwalk and make-up course, dining, social etiquette, English courses, rhetoric and audience performance, styling and dress code, job interviews or camera rehearsals. We also don't forget about the development of their personalities by revealing their talents and working with them. Furthermore, my competition is the only one that owns 5 world licenses, which is an indicator of professionalism for me. I get along well with all the finalists and we work together even after the end of the contract, we establish further cooperation, we like to see each other outside the Miss event, and this is something that I appreciate very much. Positive emotions, satisfaction and a smile on my girls' faces are some of the big reasons why I'm doing this.”

Both of these beauty contests have a lot to offer to the viewers. They are very similar in nature, but each of them has different finalists, sponsors and its own story. The Czech Miss ESSENS is working on fixing the tarnished reputation of the recent years under the leadership of Martin Ditmar and Eva Čerešňáková, while Taťána Makarenko's Miss Czech Republic is steadily rising without any media criticism. What about you, do you like watching the Miss? Which of these models and competitions speak to you more?

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