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A dress which enchants your eye could act as an unconventional canvas for a magnificent work of art. Would you like to wear a dress bearing the legacy of the artist’s brush? Do you like extravagance? There is a reason they say clothes make the man.

A dress as the perfect picture

Mgr. Jana Höger
09.May 2017
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Dress by Světlana Lyalina, photo by Marina Danilova

The luxury “Paint Me Over” project 

This project was created by the successful photographer Marina Danilova and the designer Svetlana Lyalina. The Russian photographer Marina Danilova created breath-taking fashion photographs in which models are dressed in festive evening gowns, the patterns of which are reminiscent of classical paintings. These luxury pictures were created by a team of seven talented artists, of which the greatest applause – other than to the photographer – must clearly go to the fashion designer Svetlana Lyalina. In the drawings, you can find pictures by the Russian painter Nikas Safronov. 

Marina Danilova, Svetlana Lyalina and Nikas Safronov

This combination means a luxury fusion of art, fashion and photography. It is a combination of three elements in an unprecedented form. Let’s introduce them briefly.

Marina Danilova is a Russian photographer specialising in fashion and weddings. She works mainly in Moscow and has some respectable work with the fashion magazines there under her belt.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Svetlana Lyalina is a fashion designer who also comes from the Russian capital. She gained great attention and popularity in particular thanks to her luxury wedding dresses which she creates in her own salon.

Nikas Safronov is a famous contemporary artist in Russia. The painter captivated the lay and professional public with a series of psychological portraits and later created his own style which is also known as Dream Vision. What is his work like? He most often works with elements of classical painting and collages with interconnection of a surrealist style and a touch of mischief. It was his work which provided the impulse leading to creation of this unique project paying homage to superb creations of importance to modern fashion.

An item of clothing worshiped by women – the dress

Extravagant painted dresses are characterised by depiction of landscapes and architecture. The romantic classicist background metaphorically acts as a luxurious historical library, into which the artist inserts statues and classical pictures which complete the pure artistic expression. Long, voluminous skirts and shaped corsets are a luxurious canvas for the large, textured brush strokes. It seems as if the colours on the dresses reflect the sparkling tones of sunlight.

These works of art immortalised in the photographs of Marina Danilova come from the Moscow home of the master himself Safronov.

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