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You don't get to see an exhibition like this very often!

Don't miss out on this beauty! Christian Dior's luxury exhibition is online

Simona Deutou
25.Apr 2020
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nesmrtelné modely z dílny Christian Dior

A huge surprise for all fashion enthusiasts! Dior made a very nice gesture in these difficult times of pandemic - he brings us light in the form of a beautiful exhibition, which you can now see online on YouTube. Fashion house Dior offers you the opportunity to discover a digital version of the record exhibition Couturier du rêve, which took place in 2017 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the atelier's existence.

It's warm outside, the sun is slowly setting and you find yourself at a spectacular exhibition in the heart of Paris. This mental image alone is enough to evoke euphoria in me. You'll get to see bourgeois models, luxury fabrics, a plethora of colors, ideas, you'll be able to walk through the whole history of Dior and meet stars from all over the world. When I see actor Robert Pattinson speak about his experience from the exhibition, smiling from ear to ear, I have to smile myself.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

In the video, he'll share with you little secrets of Christian Dior, how he manages to reveal the most glorious part of every woman's body and offer an exquisitely modern and sophisticated silhouette on a plate. Dior transformed the extravagance and luxury of conventional women's clothing from the 1950s and founded a large company in which fashion is an art. You'll learn how endless the journey to a perfect model is, before it appears on the catwalk.

It is almost impossible to talk about Dior without mentioning names such as Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Ferré, Galliano or Raf Simons, all of whom are part of Dior's legacy. Without these famous names, Dior would not be Dior as we know it. The documentary from the exhibition also explains what relationship Dior had with them and what these famous names meant to him.

Fans are thrilled that the museum came up with this nice little surprise that will definitely not remain unseen. At least for a short while, Dior will transport you to a wonderful world of fashion. Sit back, pour yourself a delicious drink and come pay a visit to the people of Paris... A virtual one!

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Extravantní modely z dílně Christian Dior.
Extravantní modely z dílně Christian Dior.Source:

A couple of less known facts

In 1919, during a fair in Normandy, a local farmer predicted to young Dior that women would benefit him and make him successful. Those shamans know everything, right?!

After the war, Christian Dior moved to Paris and his mother wanted him to study diplomacy. In 1923 he enrolled in a political science program, which he quit without a diploma. Think he recalled the farmer's prediction?

Each of his collections contained a coat named after his birthplace, Granville.

He loved flowers and incorporated at least one model with a bunch of his favorite flowers, lilies of the valley, in each fashion show.

He was known for being superstitious and never started the show without consulting a tarot reader.

Christian Dior died on October 24, 1957 during a vacation in the Italian city of Montecatini. Some reports say he died of a heart attack after suffocating on a fish bone.

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