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The ball season is in full swing! What kind of dress do famous people choose?

Doležalová, Křížková, Boho or Verešová. What kinds of gowns do they choose for a ball?

Jana Fikotová
26.Jan 2019
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Do you love dancing, good food, high quality drinks, luxurious gowns and expensive jewellery? The ball season is in full swing and even the famous faces need to be prepared. Their outfits often cost millions of crowns, so no wonder they are looking for good fashion designers.

Whether you are planning to attend Ples jako Brno on January 26th or you are looking forward to Prague where Český ples will take place on 2nd February and Česko-Slovenský ples on 16th February, let’s get inspired by Czech designers and celebrities!

At last year’s Česko-Slovenský ples, the designer duo Poner was undeniably ahead of everyone else. It was not only them though, who celebrities turned to for creation of the ball gowns.

Lucie Křížková and Jitka Boho choose dresses by Petra Pilařová

Petra Pilařová’s models are mostly worn by the model Jana Doležalová, Lucie Křížková, Jitka Boho or Miroslav Etzler’s partner Helena Bartalošová. The models are simple, made out of high-quality materials with a great deal of handiwork, such as painting or bead embroidery.

In addition to luxurious women's fashion, Petra Pilařová’s 2P Studio is also devoted to men's custom creation and accessories.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Beata Rajská is the choice of Karolina Plíšková or Aneta Vignerová 

The dresses by Beata Rajská are most often worn by the tennis player Karolina Plíšková or Veronika Chmelířová or Aneta Vignerová. Her models are an embodiment of femininity. They accentuate women’s charms and the essence of feminineness. Beata Rajská likes colours, ribbons and often designs dresses resembling folk dresses.

Models by Jaroslava and Dominika Sedláčková are most often worn by Jana Doležalová or the wife of Leoš Mareš, Monika

Jaroslava and Dominika Sedláčková have always been inspired by woman’s beauty and they design dresses that accentuate the client’s character. They work with pure silk and they take care to ensure the woman wearing the dress feels as in her own skin. They don’t forget about sex appeal and the cut of the dress has typical lightness.

Agáta Prachařová often chooses the designer Michal Marek

Models of Michal Marek are most often worn by Andrea Verešová or Agáta Prachařová. He finds the inspiration for his custom-made dress, special mini-collections and seasonal collections in the people themselves, in their inner and outer beauty. He likes to work with curves, loves diversity and perceives the individual needs of each client.

What models will celebrities choose for balls this year? We will find out soon enough and our fashion editors will definitely evaluate this year's gowns!

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