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Widow Ivana didn't appear at the preview

Documentary about Karel Gott: The preview was by invitation only

Karolína Lišková
19.Sep 2020
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Záběry z filmu Karel: Zpěvák s Ivanou po stanovení diagnózy.

A chosen few finally had the opportunity to see a feature film about the legendary singer Karel Gott, who died less than a year ago. The opening of the 27th Febiofest film festival was carried in the spirit of honoring the memory of this great man. Therefore, the film that opened the festival was the long-awaited documentary by director Olga Špátová. "Karel" showed the audience how the singer spent the last months of his life.

Herečka Iva Janžurová.
Režisérka dokumentu Karel Olga Špátová.
Záběry z filmu: Dcera zakrývá Mistrovi oči.
Záběry z filmu: Zpěvák se zdravotnicí.

According to eyewitnesses, you shouldn't expect a lot of fun. Those who loved Karel and are of a slightly weak disposition either left the hall in tears or stuck out until the end, but were unable to read the final credits through waterfall of tears.

The documentary very vividly captures the last days of Karel's life, his treatment, his performances, for which he no longer had enough energy, but they were the only thing that kept him moving, apart from his family. The Maestro loved people, his fans, singing, entertainment. Such was Karel, and despite the painful moments depicting the departure of a great legend, one could feel that from the film.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

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Záběry z filmu: Ivana objímá Karla.
Záběry z filmu: Ivana objímá Karla. Source: film Karel/Bontonfilm

Ivana didn't make it

The film should have its official premiere on the day of the Maestro's death, i.e. on October 1, and that is also when his widow Ivana plans to appear in public for the first time, having excused herself from the preview screening.

"Mrs. Ivana Gottová decided to make her first official appearance in public on October 1, symbolically on the anniversary of Karel Gott's death, and thus on the day of the ceremonial premiere of the film Karel. She personally apologized to Mr. Kamil Spáčil, director of Febiofest, for her absence on Friday, and he fully respects and understands her decision,"

the widow's spokeswoman Aneta Stolz said on the record.

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Dana Morávková přišla s manželem a synem.
Dana Morávková přišla s manželem a synem.Source:

Huge public interest

Actress Iva Janžurová, who received what was probably her millionth award at the festival, which was the original reason why she'd decided to attend, had a little breakdown at the preview. She held the singer in high esteem, and seeing her life-long friend suffer like that was too much for her.

Actress Dana Morávková was, according to her own words, prepared for the worst and packed a lot of handkerchiefs in her purse.

Apparently, the documentary was a success and everyone unanimously agreed it was a good thing that Karel allowed Olga to film his life. The film is a legacy for all his fans, and there are plenty of those around the world, excited to see the first screening for regular mortals. The documentary will hit the cinemas on October 15.

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Záběry z filmu: Zpěvák zapíjí hrst prášků.
Záběry z filmu: Zpěvák zapíjí hrst prášků. Source: Karel Gott Agency

"I want to see Karel immediately on the first day. I don't want to wait until there are fewer people in the cinema. I loved him and I feel the need to see the film among the first,"

a 50-year-old woman from Prague confided in, and her mother agrees:

"Of course I'm going too, he was my peer and I've listened to his songs all my life."

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