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Famous personalities set the trends and their die-hard fans are often willing to buy anything with their picture on it. Do you want to have Carrie from Sex and the City on your shelf? No problem...

Do you Want to Play with Carrie Bradshaw or Beyoncé? Barbie Celebrities!

Eva Ledecká
08.Nov 2018
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There are several versions of Marilyn Monroe, Cher or Audrey Hepburn already. Whom are we taking about? The famous Barbie dolls, which can be adapted to resemble almost anyone. Correction: anyone who will sell!

In addition to iconic last-century Hollywood stars there are the current ones: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé.

Celebrities made of plastic. Whom would you wish to have?

It is so, Barbie and Ken have for many years now been assuming the likeness of various famous celebrities. And so admirers and lovers of for example Marilyn Monroe may acquire a luxurious plastic model in a beautiful dress or a bikini. A successful personality made into a Barbie doll is for example singer Cher, who wore dozens of incredible outfits for her performances.

Elisabeth Taylor starred in so many legendary films and wore so many costumes that you can now acquire her likeness as a sensuous beauty or Cleopatra. Monaco Princess, Grace Kelly, loved fashion and her luxury beautiful dresses were admired by the whole world. Unforgettable, too, is definitely her wedding gown, which she also wears as a doll.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

Do we need to talk about Carrie Bradshaw here, the star of the Sex and the City series?

I do not think so. Her courageous fashion and luxury fashion pieces have become inspiration for the doll manufacturer and the most iconic outfits may now be admired also in their miniature form. Likewise, you can buy a small plastic doll which looks like beautiful model, Cindy Crawford, sensuous actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez or exotic singer, Beyoncé.

Are they true copies or did the manufacturers not really succeed? You can consider yourself in the gallery below the article.

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