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Fuck the Age!

Divine Simona Krainová undressed at the age of 46 and lets the world know: Fuck the Age

Karolína Lišková
27.Sep 2019
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Model Simona Krainová once again showed everyone that age is really just a number, because the calendar that she just shot for pleasure is simply divine. No, mistake, she's still divine at 46, and her body should be carved in stone. Which actually happened - one photo was presented at the book launch in limestone stone. The name of the calendar "Fuck the Age" just fits in perfectly here.

Krainová má s manželem Karlem Vágnerem dva syny.
Denně modelka tvrdě dře na své postavě.
O dokonalý makeup se jí starají profesionálové.

Yet again, it was proclaimed from all sides that Simona could be head and sholders above the models who are twenty or more years younger than her. Nevertheless, although the beauty is aware of her merits that she exposed to admiration in the black-and-white photographs, she remains modest.

She doesn't want to compete with women in their twenties

“I don't want to compete with younger women, I can't even. I just want to tell all women that they shouldn't give up, no matter how old they are. I don't like numbers,”

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

laughs the blonde woman.

Of course, behind the perfection of all twelve photos there is not only the model herself, even though she works out in the gym daily, but her entire team, who cares about her beauty in the long run. Whether they are plastic surgeons, make-up artists, hairdressers and, last but not least, a photographer who is behind a job well done.

Krainová has been taking photographs with Lukáš Dvořák for ten years now. In Portugal, he has been waiting patiently for the right sunlight, for a perfect tide. Therefore, the images are almost without any editing.

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Na většině fotografií je modelka téměř nahá.
Na většině fotografií je modelka téměř nahá. Source: Lukáš Dvořák

Semi-nude in front of church

“Lukáš loves his work and I like how enthusiastic he is about it. He does not treat a woman as a sexual object. I stood naked in front of him, and he focused only on the right light. It is a joy to work with him,” said the model about Dvořák at the launch of the calendar, mentioning that in Portugal they had prepared many times a real show for the locals. After all, not everyone is so fortune to see this divine body almost naked. Sometimes just naked. For example, in front of the church.

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Fotograf si dokázal počkat na dokonalé světlo i hladinu.
Fotograf si dokázal počkat na dokonalé světlo i hladinu. Source: Lukáš Dvořák

The Godfathers

Calendar launch in the luxurious Prague restaurant Soho took place in the presence of many celebrities. Apart from models such as Nikol Švantnerová or Natálie Kotková, Filip Vaněk, who did not have much work with Krainová’s outfits this time, has also arrived. Maybe that's why he wasn't even invited to the photo shoot. But for the launching ceremony, of course, yes. The godmothers were Lucie Bílá, Marta Jandová and the godfather became the producer Ladislav Novák, who stood behind most of Simona's calendars, but not this one, what he regrets.

The calendar was „baptised“ with Tatra tea and is available from 27.9. in book chain Luxor for CZK 999.

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