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Treat yourself to a feeling of well-being and joy with a new luxury fragrance, Joy by Dior.

Dior Comes with a Novelty Perfume. The Face of JOY is Oscar Winner, Jennifer Lawrence.

Martina Šmalclová
31.Aug 2018
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Jennifer Lawrence in new campaign

Crystal-pure Joy with a thousand of nuances

The new perfume by Dior, bearing the name of Joy, is characterised by the scent of divine flowers and citrus fruit, a slight touch of wood and calming musk. Thousands of nuances lend the scent crystal-clear purity. If you look at the luxurious campaign, starring Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence, you will be probably clear on why water was selected as the main motif...

Mix of citrus fruit, flowers, wood and musk

In the luxury pink flask with a shining silver stopper, together resonate bergamot, tangerine and romantic flowers. The delicious explosion of citrus fruit inside the flask intermingles with oilseed roses and jasmine.  These notes are also joined by warm sandal-wood which lends softness and musk to the perfume, creating a sensual effect of skin on skin.  

The luxurious scent of Joy by Dior is the work of experienced French perfumer, François Demachy and he himself says:

"JOY by Dior expresses a remarkable feeling of joy over the fact that it offers olfactory interpretation of light. This perfume recalls some pointilist images which are rich in accurate but not too obvious technique. It is built from several subtleties, countless aspects that lead to a clear and obvious expression. Bringing a new perfume into life is a real event. For the entire house as well as for me. It should be a pleasure both for women as well as for men."

Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m
Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m, Praha 5

Extend your enjoyment of the moment

In addition to the exclusive perfume, Dior also created body milk from the same series. If you want to extend the joy and pleasure from the moment, first apply the luxurious moisturising body milk JOY which nourishes the skin and thanks to its fresh and airy structure is quickly absorbed and then apply to your pulse points (the wrist, ears, neck) the perfume itself.

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