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Dior presented a collection of dresses, the beauty and exquisite attention to detail of which is verging on the breath-taking and the brand chose truly ethereal and magical surroundings to do so.

Dior captivated Paris: Haute Couture Show

Eva Ledecká
04.Feb 2017
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Dior used the amazing gardens of Musée Rodin in Paris for its unique Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 show at the end of January. Green bushes and trees created a modern-day labyrinth which was crowned with a glass ceiling and beautiful models presented luxury dresses on a catwalk of moss.

 “In the dark we will see clearly my brothers. In the labyrinth we will find the right way.” - Henri Michaux


Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Haute Couture: the pinnacle of the fashion world

Haute Couture is the name for high quality sewing using the very best materials, in terms of which great emphasis is placed on detail and finishing. First-class global brands and the most highly acclaimed fashion designers engage in sewing luxury custom-fitted clothing. The luxurious show with 59 amazing dresses left nobody in any doubt that Dior certainly ranks among them.

Make-up: focus on the skin

According to Dior, a beautiful woman is characterised by clean and light skin. This is why the make-up worn by the models was chaste and fresh, this being helped by pink powder applied to the cheekbones. The area around the eyes was brightened up by star-shaped sequins, applied to the faces of the models, most frequently at the inner corners of the eyes or in the middle of the lower lid. Lips and nails also avoided decoration with any bolder colours. Lips remained natural, only adorned with gloss applied in the middle of the lower lip. Nails were left looking discreet. Hair remained naturally wavy, long and loose or carefully fixed in a luxury style.

An insight into the unique art of tailoring

Which designs impressed us most among the items in the Dior Haute Couture collection? A long dress with a luxurious astrological print, a blue pleated dress complemented by a black velvet hooded cape and a long silk dress in navy blue with a large hand-painted star.

The corset dress from silky satin in bronze with embroidery in the form of a spider’s web is also beautiful, as is the olive layered dress with red poppy embroidery or the distinctive green pleated dress entitled Garden Baroque with an asymmetric collar.

Have a look at the collection and chose the most luxurious dresses yourself!

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