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Great food and a luxurious view of the romantic City of Light? Yes, please!

A dinner in Paris: Top 3 restaurants where you'll love the view!

Simona Deutou
24.Oct 2019
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Interiér restaurace Restaurace Le Ciel de Paris s výhledem na celou Paříž.

If you decided to have dinner at a different restaurant in Paris every day, your whole life wouldn't be enough to try them all. There are currently more than 40,000 restaurants in Paris. You can really find good food at every turn, but these 3 restaurants can offer much more than that!

The best duck in the city and a view of the Notre Dame. Tour D'Argent is a historical restaurant that even hosted King Henry IV. himself.

The restaurant opened in 1947 and the management has been handed down in the family for generations. However, legends say that the restaurant has existed since 1582 and that even King Henry IV. used to come there. These days it is known for its beautiful view of the river Seine and the Notre Dame, and for its excellent pressed duck. The restaurant even has its own farm where these famous ducks are raised. If you order the specialty that is Canard à la pressu (pressed duck), you will even get a postcard with the bird's serial number. The numbers are already over one million. You can also visit their legendary vine cellar, containing more than 450,000 bottles of excellent wine. Since 2006 it has prided itself in being awarded a Michelin star, and you'll pay around 3,900 CZK per person for a menu here. The experience and the postcard are definitely worth it!

You can find the Tour D'Argent restaurant at 17 Quai de la Tournelle in Paris.

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Výhled na katedrálu Notre Dame ze slávné restaurace Tour D
Výhled na katedrálu Notre Dame ze slávné restaurace Tour D'Argent.Source:

Dinner in the sky and a panoramic view from the Montparnasse tower! It will definitely be unforgettable!

The Le Ciel de Paris restaurant is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse tower, and aside from a beautiful view of all of Paris, it offers extravagant design by designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. You can enjoy great food here, 210 meters above sea level, which makes Le Ciel de Paris one of the highest restaurants in Europe. The prices are high too! A menu will cost you 3,600 CZK per person and you are guaranteed a table with a luxurious view of all of Paris. They also offer a cheaper alternative, where you pay 1,770 CZK for a menu and will get a regular table. They allegedly have fantastic food!

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Výhled z restaurace Le Ciel de Paris.
Výhled z restaurace Le Ciel de Paris.Source:

Prodej luxusního řadového domu - Tuřany
Prodej luxusního řadového domu - Tuřany, Okolí Prahy

The Le Ciel de Paris restaurant can be found on 33, avenue du Maine in Paris on the 56th floor.

A UFO that landed on the rooftops of Paris is bound to surprise you!

KONG is sexy, elegant, chic, creative and will definitely entertain you. The staff will impress you with their professionalism and you'll feel like an important guest. KONG is not just a restaurant and luxurious cocktail bar with an intimate atmosphere, but also a New York style club with a rich music program. The final scene of Sex and the City was shot here in 2003 and KONG is also the place where artists meet on the occasion of the opening and closing of Paris Fashion Days. The restaurant offers a different view from each window. You'll see the view of Pont Neuf, the Art Deco Henri Sauvage design in the La Samaritaine, the art noveau building by Frantz Jourdain, the river Seine and the Louis Vuitton boutique. You'll pay 1,200 CZK for the main course here, 400 CZK for dessert. You can't miss out on that!

You can find the KONG restaurant on 1 rue du Pont Neuf in Paris on the 5th floor.

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Interiér restaurace KONG.
Interiér restaurace KONG.Source:

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