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Dinner in the clouds: The art of dining in fifty meters above the ground or Toilet forbidden

Karolína Lišková
15.Sep 2019
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How to attract people who like to spend money on good food and quality experience in this day and age? Put them in a chair and crane them up to fifty meters above the ground, from where they won't be able to escape. This is how Dinner in the Sky works. The editors also popped in for a "small" four-course meal.

And we have to applaud. Because it was simply perfect! If you don't suffer from dizzy spells, that is... But everyone else seemed to be enjoying it too.

Upon arrival to Rieger's orchards, you'll receive a warm welcome from a nice waiter with a glass of prosecco in his hand. By the time you've finished your drink, everyone is flocking to a platform that can accommodate twenty-two diners. Specially trained employees make sure each person is seated correctly in their comfortable and adjustable chair and tightens their seat belt.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Sci-fi in the form of flying saucers did not take place

Once everyone is seated, the platform slowly ascends thanks to the crane operator sitting in his stall. According to the owners of the establishment, he hates heights.

"I would never go up there to eat,"

he laughed.

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Výhled je dokonalý.
Výhled je dokonalý. Source:

In the midst of all the people eager to dig in, there are two chefs and one security worker who also serves and pours wine and water. I must say, it never happened that my glass would be empty for just a second. And I was quite surprised by the way of serving. I thought the staff would also be strapped in, that they would be sending us the plates with a sliding motion across the table, or that there would be a moving rail going around and distributing the food. But it's not like that at all. All three of them are moving around freely. Well, it's true they have nowhere to fall, with tables full of people surrounding them. Besides, the platform moves slowly without tilting. Two chefs are standing next to each other, each having a small work area in front of them. One of them was empty, so that the cook would have some space for the plates he was putting the food on, the other contained a cooker, where food was being finished on a set of pans. The two men were working in incredible harmony, even though it was their first time preparing meals in the clouds.

Michelin menu

After a short welcome from the cook, dinner immediately starts. Apparently, the menu was prepared by a young chef, who has worked in several prestigious three-star Michelin restaurants - Manuel Lino from Portugal. He was being seconded by René Vokurka, master chef from the Prague restaurant Gallery 44, who, unlike the timid Portuguese, talked a lot and entertained the company. For example, he was making fun of male vegetarians.

The first course was Dashi, a famous Japanese broth, supplemented with shrimp, leeks and olives. This was followed by grilled carrots with quinoa and a beef entrecote with roasted chestnuts and marrow, and finally ice cream with balsamic and beetroot meringue for dessert.

The menu is also prepared in a vegetarian version, where shrimp is replaced by feta cheese and grilled aubergine is served instead of steak.

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Octová zmrzlina.
Octová zmrzlina. Source:

A breathtaking view

Prague's Rieger's orchards offer a wonderful view of the surrounding Vinohrady, red roofs of historical houses and the Žižkov transmitter; you'll be able to see as far as the Petřín lookout tower and the Prague Castle from here. Of course, a few glasses of wine later, the typical Czech envy started to come to the surface, because from this height, one could easily notice who in Vinohrady had a swimming pool a luxury terrace and whose house was undergoing a reconstruction. You'd be surprised by all that's going on in Prague 2!

Our only recommendation for you is: dress for cold weather. It is a bit chilly up there, even when the sun is shining. After an hour and a half, you're gonna be pretty cold. And if you've just had your had done... lucked out!

As soon as the platform brings you back to the ground, we guarantee that you'll want to run to the toilet as soon as possible. Remember - you won't get to pee up there. You need to go just before they take you up. Of course, if worse came to worst, the organizers are ready to take the platform back down. So far, it has only happened due to bad weather.

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Na plošině se nají 22 lidí.
Na plošině se nají 22 lidí. Source:

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