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Construction of the first under-sea restaurant in Europe and the biggest under-sea restaurant in the world is finally coming to a close. It will be located in Norway and the biggest attraction, apart from the deluxe menu, will be the panoramic view of the sea bottom.

Dinner 5 metres below the surface in the first European under-sea restaurant!

Eva Ledecká
09.Nov 2018
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Under, 5 metres under the sea level

The first European under-sea restaurant is being created under the hands of the Norwegian Snøhetta Architectural Studio on the lowest point of the Norwegian coast by the village of Båla. Would you like to have dinner while viewing the sea kingdom.? This will be an experience you will be able to enjoy from the spring of 2019!

A simple name: “Under”!

The name “Under” is not just a reference to the English word “under” as you may think. The word “under” in Norwegian is also translated as “wonder” – i.e. miracle. And this restaurant is certainly a specific miracle. We don’t normally dine in a restaurant under the water...

Monolithic, partially submerged in the sea, located opposite a rocky coastline.

The deluxe restaurant building is designed in the minimalistic style. The concrete walls are one metre thick to enable the structure to resist the pressure and rough nature of the sea. The interior materials were chosen not only from the aspect of their aesthetic properties, but also from the aspect of their sustainability and ability to create a pleasant interior climate. And so you will find warm oak, which can create a very intimate atmosphere, as well as rough concrete inside. With regard to colours, the building is decorated in shades of blue and green and also beige and sand.

The main attraction? The view!

Of course the main attraction of this future deluxe restaurant, which will seat from 80 to 100 guests, is the view into the depths of the ocean. The dim lighting coming from the interior and installed on the seabed will contribute to its popularity. Guests will be able to observe the sea through a large, 11 x 4 m, panoramic window made from acrylic!

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

A deluxe menu is a matter of course. What did the head chef say?

The head chef of this highly awaited under-water restaurant is Nicolai Ellitsgaard. He has many years of experience in the field of gastronomy in Norway and you can be sure that he will serve you the best dishes, cooked from the highest quality ingredients. What did he say in regard to the menu?

“The ocean lies on the other side of our iconic window. An ocean full of fresh sea delicacies. So the journey they travel from the sea to the kitchen and to the plate is truly very short.”

The deluxe restaurant will also serve as a sea-life research centre and will also host teams carrying out research in the field of sea biology and fish breeding. It will open in spring 2019.

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