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Digitization, creativity and individualism! Paris Lifestyle Exhibition knows no bounds!

Simona Deutou
11.Sep 2019
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We never miss the spectacular Maison & Objet exhibition, and this year was no exception. Since 1995, the International Fair of Lifestyle, Decorations and Design opens the door to a design paradise. It is a luxury event for professionals looking for a unique design solution to attract and retain clientele. Taking place on an area covering 115,000 square meters, it presents 3,000 brands and draws in approximately 90,000 visitors annually.

What's new at Maison & Objet and what's changed this year?

Maison has a different outlook on work! The exhibition set up a section that serves as a laboratory for expressing today's new art of work. You can sit down in an office chair here and feel like in your own living room.

This year the word "work" can be heard from every corner. It is the slogan of the exhibition. Are you wondering why?

Our relationship to work as completely different to what it once had been. Work is undergoing social changes, digitization makes us more mobile and frees us from traditional work environments. Common areas are being created, offering a more pleasant and interactive way of working. In the age of social media and extreme individualism, employees are taking ownership of their work space and adapting it to suit their needs. This event is committed to giving workspace more personality, so as to make it more friendly, comfortable and creative, thereby helping companies attract and retain talented employees.

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Chantal Hamaide přišla s tím, že doplňky k práci nemají být už jen funkční, ale mohou vypadat i takto.
Chantal Hamaide přišla s tím, že doplňky k práci nemají být už jen funkční, ale mohou vypadat i takto.Source:

It explores extreme styles and constitutes an absolute novelty. SHARE, created by François Delclaux.

The fair is attracting more and more visitors from the ranks of professionals in the field of ​​hotels and restaurants. These public spaces represent an environment that allows experimentation, both in terms of minimalism and maximism. François Delclaux finds a connection between these two extremes and uses it to emphasize the rebirth of tableware.

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 François Delclauxe a jeho znovuzrozené nádobí.
François Delclauxe a jeho znovuzrozené nádobí.Source:

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Can't wait to find out which designers surprised us most this year?

American Hudson Valley Lighting kicked off their second year in Paris in style

Walking past the exposition of this luxury New York brand of luminaires, you simply have to stop by. And you immediately realize you need one of these pieces at home.

The Hudson Valley Lighting Group has been active in the field of design for more than thirty years and it is made up of four well-recognized brands: Hudson Valley Lighting, Mitzi, Troy Lighting and Corbett Lighting. All the brands are united by common principles: pursuit of excellence and a design-based culture.

At the heart of the brand's philosophy is the "unpacking experience" combined with top quality.

This year's novelty in Hudson Valley is the collection The Classics by interior designer Mark D. Sikes. His designs capture unexpected moments in the form of chandeliers.

Mitzi combines the classic contemporary with an achievable high design that doesn't require a compromise in quality.

Troy approaches design with a sense of curiosity and creates an eclectic line of craft accessories that are sophisticated and occasional, using interesting and versatile materials, evoking emotions and affecting them. The shades are inspired by nature.

Corbett boasts unique pieces you simply trust in. Their distinctive features? Amazing patterns, rich materials and hand-painted surfaces.

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Hudson Valley Lighting v interiéru.
Hudson Valley Lighting v interiéru.Source:

ATHEZZA HANJEL in a golden Boho Veil.

Furniture, textiles, tableware, lamps and accessories in warm shades of gold. We had the opportunity to admire this in the pieces from a renown French designer brand. For almost 25 years ATHEZZA HANJEL has been offering a wide range of quality decorative accessories and furniture. Annually, the brand produces two collections of pieces to be used as decorations in cozy flats or attic apartments, charming country houses and gardens. We found them exceptionally charming!

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Interiér navržen designérskou značkou Athezza-Hanjel.
Interiér navržen designérskou značkou Athezza-Hanjel.Source:

Jasaco claims: "Silk roses have taken over the world!"

It is literally unbelievable how realistic silk flowers look. We saw this with our own eyes when visiting the exhibition of silk flowers from the Belgian brand JASACO. It is one of the leading suppliers of silk flowers and plants, as well as decorative items and flower pots. Thanks to many years of experience and continuous development, they offer a unique range of top quality products. The flowers are washable and last for several years. You'll find here everything from romantic poppies in full bloom through roses, palm trees and olive trees to gigantic cacti.

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Květinové dekorace od značky Jasaco.
Květinové dekorace od značky Jasaco.Source:

Eichholtz is the epitome of luxury living.

Perfectly sophisticated interior, purity of detail - simply beautiful. Theo Eichholtz is always on the lookout for unique pieces and he's an avid collector of antiques. On his journey to Asia in the 1990s, he was so excited about Chinese colonial furniture that he started importing it. This marked the beginning of Eichholtz. Today, the brand creates interiors of unique beauty that exceed the highest standards in design, quality and durability. Eichholtz has provided furnishings for more than 10,000 prestigious hotels, restaurants, clubs and shops around the world. At Maison, they presented flawless interiors, dominated by gold, crystal, glass and marble.

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Luxusní interiér od značky Eichholtz.
Luxusní interiér od značky Eichholtz.Source:

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