House which dances is also outside of Prague! The Crooked House in Sopoty

Postmodern architecture can be entertaining!
20.Jun 2019
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A slightly different "OC"

When you look at the Crooked House or Krzywy Domek in Sopoty, Poland, you might feel like there's something wrong with your vision. But you'd be mistaken. This unique postmodern building from 2004 is very real, and what's more, it is part of the Rezydent shopping center. Forget about the typical "OC cube" for a while, we're here to take you to a more stylish mall!

A building from the realm of fairy tales

The luxury building was designed by architects Szczepan Szotyński, Malgorzata Kruzsko-Szotyńska and Leszek Zaleski Jr., but its roots can be traced to an entirely different field. The inspiration for its creation came from the fairy tale-like drawings of the Polish illustrator Jan Marcin Szancer and the Swedish artist Per Dahlberg.

An architectural jewel

The building's design breathes a spirit of surrealism with its stunning geometry and bizarre curves. The unique building is decorated with warped walls, windows with luxurious sandstone frames and curved architectural stained glass windows with a concave roof.

Inside the Crooked House there are shops, restaurants and a games room, as well as private radio stations Radio RMF FM and RMF MAXXX.

Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 94m
Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 94m, Praha 5

Initially criticized, just like the Dancing House

Same as in case of the Dancing House in Prague, the Crooked House had a number of haters before it became famous worldwide. The locals believed that the luxurious architectural gem was an ugly spot on the face of their city. But then the first tourists, equipped with cameras, arrived on the scene and fell in love with the place. Today, the Crooked House can boast with the title: The Most Photographed Building in Poland!

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