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It is as if something has happened to Dior as the summer slowly ends. The Italian brand decided to expand its collection of watches from the La Mini D De Dior Satine collection by 2 magnificent colours at the close of summer.

A diamond gem named Dior: A new deluxe watch in the colours of summer

Martina Šmalclová
28.Aug 2018
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La Mini D De Dior Satine - Lapis Lazuli

Dior and its two forms of summer

Will you miss summer? Then you are probably not the only one. The deluxe Italian house of Dior has decided to extend summer at least a little and has designed two new models of beautiful lady’s watches in summer colours – malachite and lapis lazuli.

Even the ancients knew that blue was a fashionable colour

I don't think we have to introduce malachite to you. This is a popular green stone, which is frequently used to embellish jewellery. On the contrary, lapis lazuli is distinguished by its bold blue colour, thanks to which it has been highly valued since ancient times.

The know-how of Swiss watch-making revealed!

The sophisticated La Mini D De Dior Satine collection of magnificent watches combines deluxe materials and colours, it embodies the spirit of Dior jewellery in connection with bold creativity and helps reveal all the know-how of first-class Swiss watch-making.

Pronájem bytu se zahradou, 98 m2 – Praha
Pronájem bytu se zahradou, 98 m2 – Praha, Praha 5

Subtle sophistication set with deluxe diamonds

La Mini D De Dior Satine is created in the spirit of subtle sophistication. Dior has set the small stainless steel gold-framed case, of a diameter of 19 mm, with glittering diamonds. This deluxe watch also boasts an anti-reflection sapphire crystal watch glass and is water resistant to 30 metres! The watch is embellished with a glossy supple silk strap, which makes it as flexible as possible and gives it a subtle feminine elegance.

La Mini D De Dior Satine includes 17 chic models!

Have none of the new summer colours caught your attention? Then you can visit the official Dior website and view all 17 models from the sophisticated La Mini D De Dior Satine collection. Something tells us that there will be something for everyone.

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