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Diabetics, heads up: This new app will check your health and calculate your insulin dose!

Karolína Lišková
11.Sep 2019
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Diabetes is an insidious disease, but unfortunately, due to our busy lifestyle full of unhealthy foods, it is slowly but surely becoming a civilization disease. Nowadays, seeing a young person or even a child injecting something in their arm or stomach at lunch time, checking the display of a tiny device before they dig into their plate, is not uncommon. Thankfully, a new application "mySugr" has been developed with the aim to put an end to these obstructions.

The application was created by diabetics themselves and is therefore tailored to the wishes and needs of all who live with the disease. It's literally made-to-measure for "beeties".

The app provides you with an intuitive electronic diary, where you can save all your health data, record how many carbohydrates (or chocolate bars) you've eaten on a given day, upload photos of the meals in question, even write down how miserable or how well you're feeling.

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The application will subsequently show you a graph that will enable you to fine-tune your treatment via the means of a bonus advisor, which will calculate the right dose of insulin for you.

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Aplikaci vymysleli sami diabetici.
Aplikaci vymysleli sami diabetici. Source: mySugr

If you find your life with diabetes boring, you smartphone will keep you entertained. It will motivate you to measure your blood glucose more often and count your carbohydrates in an entertaining manner, and it can even make you start working out.

Since we live in the online world, you can immediately send all your reports to your doctor, either by SMS or email. The data sharing will be especially appreciated by parents who are unable to keep their children's appetite in check.

“When the application connects to a glucometer via blootooth, the measured glucose values ​​are automatically transmitted. The diabetic then has all their health data available on their mobile phone. Currently, the application can be connected to the Accu-Chek Instant glucometer, which is available in the Czech Republic and fully covered by health insurance. Upon connecting to this glucometer, the free extended version with all features is activated,”

explained Jana Šafářová from Roche.

The future lies in smartphones

Of course, innovators are constantly working on improvements, so as to make life as easy as possible for people suffering from diabetes. Users will soon be able to monitor data from continuous glucose monitors (Dexcom, Eversense) and Accu-Chek insulin pumps in the app. However, insulin pumps won't be sending data to the application only one way, it will be possible to administer bolus or adjust insulin dosage etc. through the app. In this way, the MySugr application is expected to replace the remote control in the future and it will be capable of fully controling insulin pumps.

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Aplikaci vymysleli sami diabetici.
Aplikaci vymysleli sami diabetici. Source: mySugr

About mySugr

The company was established in 2012 as a start-up in Austria and currently has more than 1.7 million registered users worldwide. Every day about 1,000 new registrations are made. Since the beginning of June this year, diabetics in the Czech Republic can join the ranks of satisfied users. The application is now available in Czech and free to download for Android and iOS users.

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Aplikaci vymysleli sami diabetici.
Aplikaci vymysleli sami diabetici. Source: mySugr

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