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We will disabuse you of the notion that Cancer is hypersensitive and Leo fancies himself the ruler of the world!

Destined for success? The richest Czechs and their zodiac signs

Linda Veselá
24.Nov 2020
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Daniel Křetínský

While the mighty Leo didn't appear in the TOP 10 of the richest Czechs at all, the supposedly sensitive Cancer is represented twice. However, as could have probably been expected, most Czech billionaires were born in the sign of Taurus, which is famous for its fearlessness and stubbornness.

Taurus? Reliable and hardworking

You may not find it surprising that most of the richest Czechs were born in the sign of Taurus, between 21 April and 21 May. The qualities that best describe people in this sign are reliability and diligence. And how else to earn one's place among the richest Czechs than through hard work?

And because Taurus is an earthly sign, its representatives differ in their practical approach to life and material affairs. What's more, work is often the very meaning of their lives. Does it still surprise you that as many as three of the ten richest Czechs were born in this sign?!

Kellner, Baudiš, Tykač: Fearless Taurus

The richest Czech, businessman Petr Kellner (born May 20, 1964), the majority owner of PPF whose assets are worth approximately 293 billion crowns, is also a Taurus. He even regularly ranks in the top 100 richest people in the world.

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Petr Kellner
Petr KellnerSource: © MAFRA PETR TOPIČ / / Profimedia

May 15

Another important Taurus is the sixth richest Czech Pavel Baudiš (born May 15, 1960). The assets of the co-founder and co-owner of the antivirus and software company Avast are currently estimated at 51 billion crowns. The seventh richest Czech Pavel Tykač (born May 15, 1964), who has long been involved in the power industry, is a Taurus too, boasting a capital of 32 billion crowns. He owns the company Sev.en Energy AG, which focuses primarily on coal mining. By the way, both of these two men were born on May 15, with a 4-year gap. Coincidence?

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Pavel Tykač
Pavel TykačSource: Iveta Lhotská / MAFRA / Profimedia

Empathetic Cancer

When you hear "Cancer", the association with "uncompromising businessmen" probably doesn't occur to you. This water sign, born between June 22 and July 22, is rather characterized by strong empathy, sometimes even hypersensitivity, than by career ambition. On the other hand, its strong sense for interpersonal relationships can be very useful in business dealings! Moreover, the representative of Cancer are known for their logical thinking and analytical reasoning.

Daniel Křetínský and Marek Dospiva were born in Cancer

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Daniel Křetínský
Daniel KřetínskýSource: Pavel Mazáč / CNC / Profimedia

The third richest Czech Daniel Křetínský (born on July 9, 1975) with aassets of 78 billion crowns is a Cancer, too. In addition to being a co-owner of the AC Sparta Praha football club, he is known primarily as the majority owner of the energy group "Energetický a průmyslový holding" and co-owner of the Czech News Center publishing house.

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Marek Dospiva
Marek DospivaSource: Tomáš Krist / MAFRA / Profimedia

The ninth richest Czech businessman Marek Dospiva (born on July 18, 1969) was also born in Cancer. His assets are estimated at 25.3 billion crowns. Dospiva is a co-founder and co-owner of Penta Investments.

An unusual Aquarius Radovan Vítek

And what about the other richest Czech billionaires? Among them, we'll find a mix of the other signs. For example, the largest Czech real estate magnate and the second richest Czech, Radovan Vítek, with assets of 86 billion crowns, was born in Aquarius (January 22, 1971). The representatives of Aquarius are known mainly for their originality and the fact that they like to "swim against the stream".

Perfectionist Andrej Babiš

The Prime Minister, businessman and fourth richest Czech Andrej Babiš was born in the sign of Virgo (September 2, 1954), characterized by logical thinking and diligence. Those skills can be a real asset for a businessman! And so can the tendency to perfectionism, which is characteristic of Virgo. Maybe that's what Andrej Babiš has to thank to for his fortune of 74 billion crowns.

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Andrej Babiš
Andrej BabišSource: MICHAL ŠULA / MAFRA / Profimedia

Goal-oriented Capricorn Eduard Kučera

The eighth richest Czech and co-founder of the aforementioned company Avast, Eduard Kučera (born January 11, 1953), is a Capricorn. If any sign was born for success, it's Capricorn! Its representatives are goal-oriented, ambitious and they don't leave anything unfinished. It really shows in Kučera's work - the value of his assets is estimated at 29 billion crowns.

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Eduard Kučera
Eduard KučeraSource: František Vlček / MAFRA / Profimedia

Intuitive water sign: Karel Komárek and Dušan Kunovský

The fifth richest Czech and owner of KKCG Karel Komárek, whose assets reach 71 billion crowns, was born in the sign of Pisces (March 15, 1969) - in addition to being sensitive, the representatives of Pisces are said to like to stay on the back seat. But they're also good at taking advantage of an opportunity!

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Karel a Štěpánka Komárkovi
Karel a Štěpánka KomárkoviSource: Jan Handrejch / Právo / Profimedia

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Dušan Kunovský
Dušan KunovskýSource: MAFRA / Profimedia

The assets of the tenth richest Czech, Dušan Kunovský (born on November 22, 1971), reach 20.7 billion crowns. Would you have guessed that he was born in the seemingly passive and inconspicuous sign of Scorpio? But don't let yourselves be fooled, this sign is also famous for its unwavering will and perseverance.

So, what zodiac sign is that most successful? Although it may seem that those born in Taurus are guaranteed success in life, it all probably depends much more on one's diligence and determination than on the constellation of stars...

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

The assets are listed according to Forbes magazine October 2020.

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