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On the boat sailing on the Vltava, Hangzhou hosted the world-famous qipao festival.

Designer Natali Ruden in action! This is how she dealt with painting on her clothes while riding a boat

Martina Šmalclová
08.Sep 2019
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Natali Ruden a její dílo

The exotic-inspired festival was created under the auspices of Hangzhou City Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Office. This year's Hangzhou World Wonderful Dance featured charming dancers from China and other countries and a spectacular festival celebration. The artistic performance of designer Natali Ruden became the icing on the cake.

The Asia collection has captivated China

Of all Central European designers, the festival organizers chose the fashion designer of Ukrainian origin Natali Ruden. In addition, representatives of the Chinese National Silk Museum visited her boutique on Dlouhá Street in Prague and purchased models from its recent Asia collection for their exhibitions that were still available.

We brought you an exclusive report from the Asia collection show and you can refresh your memory HERE.

Designer art on the Vltava river

Natali Ruden painted on traditional qipao silk clothing during the festival and on the Vltava River. Although painting on dry silk on a mannequin and on the boat is very difficult, Natali managed it with grace and boldness. She was rewarded with applause. The designer of the prestigious Kiev Academy of Design and Fine Arts simply does not hide her talent.

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“Qipao stands for 100 years of best traditions, and at the same time looks modern and its features are very charming. I thought of all this and tried to take it into account in my abstract painting on qipao,” said Natali Ruden

The work created by Natali Ruden while sailing on the Vltava River is now on display in her boutique in Dlouhá.

The festival also brought phoenix or dragons

In addition to the luxurious work of Natali Ruden, other types of qipao garments were also on display. The dancers introduced qipao in pale pink and inky black to symbolize blooming flowers or picturesque landscapes in the middle of the fog. You could also see qipao made of luxurious brocade, decorated with motifs of flowers, dragons or phoenixes.

This year, with a hint of exoticism and Chinese culture, seems to be worth it!


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