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The Paris Design Week aims to shock and brings things we haven't seen before!

Design, decorations, luxury, tableware and fashion. All this can be seen at the Paris Maison & Objet Design Week

Simona Deutou
06.Sep 2019
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While Prague has been flooded by the creativity of fashion designers, the preparation for the Paris Design Week are culminating in Paris. If some of the fashion creations made you think Czech designers have gone completely mad, maybe you should head to the capital of France. People wear weird, but fairy-tale outfits there, the events are already in full swing... and all the design! But the most important thing is that the city never sleeps and boredom is not an option!

Paris has never been more trendy than it is now, from 5 to 14 September. The French capital is hosting the Paris Design Week, accompanied by the MAISON & OBJET luxury lifestyle exhibition. This year boasts a host of new accessories, while bringing something previously unseen! The exciting projects will be presented at 200 different venues, some of which being brand new this year: showrooms and boutiques, galleries, workshops, restaurants, hotels, museums and institutions. There's more than enough look at for everyone here.

Hybrid aims to transform you!

We will delve into the world of exciting fusion through an eclectic, innovative program called Hybrid. The hybridization of spaces and accessories takes many different forms, leading to new applications. It blurs, for example, the boundaries between living space and working space, as it is increasingly more common to work from home and remotely.

If you‘re planning to make the trip, make sure not to miss the opportunity to visit the ELIUMSTUDIO in Belleville. Their design knows no limits. It is a new and typical hybrid global design studio focused on creativity, collaboration and experimentation, while the LE MONDE SAUVAGE design studio provides a "live" interpretation, or a so-called configurator, where you can configure the furniture of your choosing.

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Hybridní interior navržen Agence Elium.
Hybridní interior navržen Agence Elium.Source:

An event focused on the reduction of waste and fight for a better future!

Designers and manufacturers tackled the problem with both hands, moving forward by minimizing waste through design and promoting recycling and modernization. They‘re producing new materials, adapting their techniques and revising their production methods, constantly striving to reduce their ecological footprint for the benefit of mankind.

Syctom, one of the leading companies, challenges the designers of tomorrow to come up with solutions for lowering the waste production and developing a more efficient way of recycling. In addition, Syctom will invite the public to discover the program of exhibitions and events that aim to introduce young designers with the „play, move, act and recycle“ theme.

The event takes place at Ground Control from September 11-15 at 81 rue du Charolais in Paris.

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

Rossana ORLANDI in cooperation with LE BHV MARAIS presents Italian creativity, madness and modernization.

Design, decorations, luxury, tableware, fashion - the Italian accent resonates on every floor of Le BHW Merais.

Expect a highly selective design that offers, among other things, a number of household items such as a coffee pot with an Italian flat, selletti glass cacti and a selection of tableware that is ideal for tomatoes and mozzarella. A range of Italian dishes is also on offer. Everything takes place under the leadership of designer Rossana Orlandi, from 28.8 to 29.9.2019 in the LE BHV MARAIS shopping mall, which is situated in the heart of Paris at 52 RUE DE RIVOLI (4th). This shopping mall is an anonymous company LAFAYETTE GALLERIES.

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Designérka z Milána Ossana Orlandi.
Designérka z Milána Ossana Orlandi.Source:

Hella Jongerius says: "Textiles are really more than just material, they touch many other topics such as culture, society, economy..."

People in general lack knowledge of how textiles are produced. Industrialization, mechanization and globalization have greatly blurred our textile design.

The exhibition shows what the consumer does not usually see: Research and experimentation, tools and materials, guidance and mistakes - steps as important as the outcome itself. That and more will be discussed on 6 September at Lafayette Anticipations at the following address: 9, rue du Plâtre F-75004, Paris.

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Hella Jongerius je holandská Industriální designérka.
Hella Jongerius je holandská Industriální designérka.Source:

The Paris Design Week invites its visitors to explore the world. This cycle of conferences - discussions provides an opportunity to designers to move forward in their work and opens the door for to the unknown for us, consumers. The year 2019 will be luxurious and we definitely have a lot to look forward to.

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