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The beautiful actress Demi Moore celebrates her 58th birthday today. But life definitely hasn't been a walk in the park for the Hollywood star.

Demi Moore, an actress with a troubled destiny, celebrates her 58 birthday: A stellar career, but also rape, abortion and addiction

Martina Šmalclová
11.Nov 2020
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Demi Moore

A year ago, the ageless Demi Moore published her memoirs, allowing the public a view into her private life. If you thought life has always been treating her kindly, you couldn't be more wrong. Demi Moore experienced a traumatic childhood, with both her step-father and mother beig heavy drinkers, an abortion in the sixth month of pregnancy, rape at the age of only 15, marital infidelity, depression or drug and alcohol addiction. Despite it all, the beautiful Demi keeps smiling. As she herself says, she is an incurable optimist. Come with us to take walk through her life from the cradle onwards.

Ugly duckling and stepfather's suicide

The American actress first saw the light of the world on November 11, 1962 and had to grow into her beauty. She was cross-eyed as a child and managed to get rid of the problem through several eye surgeries. Her biological father left her mother Virginia before Demi was born, to be replaced by the permanently drunk step-father Danny Guynes. Demi's mother Virginia was no stranger to alcohol either, and quarrels as well as physical skirmishes were a common thing in the family. In addition to that, they frequently moved from one place to another. Everything culminated in Danny committing suicide.

Rape and escape into the world of modeling

Some of the information Demi shares in her book Inside Out will give you the chills. When she was only 15 years old, she was raped by an older man, to whom her mother had sold her for $ 500, i.e. about 14,500 crowns at the then rate. Things finally took a turn for the better when she went to Europe as a model at the age of sixteen.

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Demi Moore
Demi MooreSource: Profimedia

First wedding at the age of 18

Demi Moore has been married three times in her life, but none of the marriages survived. Her first husband was rocker Freddy Moore, whom she married at only 18; the couple broke up four years later. At that time, she was only at the starting line of a stellar career and got her first role as Jackie Templeton in the television drama General Hospital. Her film debut came in 1981, when she appeared in the movies Choices and Parasite. Along with Demi's growing fame came her first addictions. Demi started drinking and later also using cocaine. In the 1980s, she underwent treatment and starred in several other films.

In 1987, she met her fated partner Bruce Willis, whom she married and gave birth to three daughters. But even this marriage didn't have a happy end. The couple divorced in 2000.

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Demi Moore a Bruce Willis
Demi Moore a Bruce WillisSource: Profimedia

Ghost was the breakthrough

As for Demi's stellar careers, the turning point came in 1990 with the film Ghost. In this romantic drama, she portrayed the grieving girlfriend of the late Patrick Swayze, and the film catapulted her to stardom. After that, she starred in movies such as as Indecent Proposal alongside Robert Redford, A Few Good Men, Disclosure, Striptease, G. I. Jane, for which she even shaved her head, Charlie's Angels or Mr. Brooks.

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Demi Moore a Patrick Swayze ve filmu Duch
Demi Moore a Patrick Swayze ve filmu DuchSource: Profimedia

Third time lucky?

In 2005, the actress got married for the third time, to actor Ashton Kutcher, who was fifteen years her junior. Their marriage lasted 8 years, during which time Demi had to withstand Ashton's infidelities. What's worse, the actress became pregnant at the beginning of their relationship, but she had a misscarriage in the sixth month of pregnancy. The couple also unsuccessfully attempted artificial insemination. At that time, Demi began to indulge in alcohol again and developed an addiction to Vicodin.

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Demi Moore a Ashton Kutcher
Demi Moore a Ashton KutcherSource: Profimedia

Drug addiction and eating disorders

A year before Demi and Ashton Kutcher got divorced, she collapsed in her Los Angeles home and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. After hospitalization, she decided to undergo another rehab. In addition to her drug addiction, she also suffered from an eating disorder.

We wish the beautiful Demi Moore all the best - may she finally find happiness in life! After all, happiness isn't about cosmetic surgeries, as she herself said.

Famous quotes by Demi Moore

"The scalpel won't make you happy."

"For the moment I prefer to be a beautiful woman of my age than try desperately to look 30."

"Life is not always easy, but it is simple."

"I'm an incurable optimist and a go-getter - it's in my nature to focus much more on what makes me happy than what makes me nervous."

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