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Junkanoo, the most amazing street carnival, can be experienced all over the world. It is especially dynamic, luxurious and breathtaking in the Bahamas. Celebrate the arrival of the new year in a riotous tempo!

A dazzling multicolored carnival of your life! Junkanoo in the Bahamas

Mgr. Jana Höger
31.Dec 2018
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Junkanoo, Bahamas

Do you want to know the history of Junkanoo? Everyone will tell you a different story.

Legend has it that this luxury party celebration in the Bahamas has been in existence for more than 500 years. If you are curious and you want to know the answer from the local people living in the Caribbean, everyone will tell you a different story. It is possible that John Caoe, the West African prince, is behind the founding of the carnival.

The most likely, however, is the notion that African slaves along with immigrants, who arrived in the Bahamas at the end of the 18th century, managed to free themselves from slavery at that time. During Christmas, they had 3 special days off, which they celebrated by singing and dancing in colorful masks, walking from house to house. After the abolition of slavery, Jankanoo became a colorful show, a festival in the Bahamas!

At this time, the Bahamas are exploding with color

Junkanoo features luxurious colorful costumes, and dancing and music inspired by various themes. It is celebrated several times a year. Preparations for the New Year and the summer Junkanoo take months and connect men and women from various social strata of the population. Costumes are most commonly made of materials such as cardboard, crepe paper, feathers and beads, with an incredible palette of colors.

The main thing is to have fun! Where can you experience the biggest party?

The liveliest and largest of the sensational processions of the Bahamas Junkanoo can be found in Nassau. Everything usually starts in the morning on 1.1. from 2 to 10 am. The energy of the dancers and the rhythm of music motivate huge crowds of fans and viewers to begin to move in their rhythm. At the end of the famous Junkanoo procession, prizes are awarded for best music, best costume and best overall group presentation. The intoxicating carnival atmosphere will also take you to places like Grand Bahama Island, Eleuthera and Harbor Island Bimini or The Abacos.

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