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One of the most successful Czech models, Daniela Peštová, is celebrating her anniversary today. We wish her all the best!

Daniela Peštová celebrates her 50th birthday. The former Victoria's Secret angel denies the laws of nature

Linda Veselá
14.Oct 2020
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Daniela Peštová v bílých šatech

Although she’d never dreamed of pursuing a career in the fashion industry, she became one of its icons. Her face appeared on the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines. And even though she’s celebrating her 50th birthday today, the door into the modeling world hasn’t yet closed for her. Daniela Peštová's appearance proves that age is just a number.

She owes her success to Milada Karasová

One of the most successful Czech models was born on October 14, 1970 in Teplice. After graduating from the local grammar school, she planned to study at the university, but then her life turned upside down. Mere weeks after the Velvet Revolution, she was discovered in a Prague cinema by talent scout Milada Karasová. And so Daniela got her first opportunity to shine in a fashion competition. She won it by a landslade, dropped out of college and moved to romantic Paris.

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Daniela Peštová ve stříbrném tričku a kalhotkách
Daniela Peštová ve stříbrném tričku a kalhotkáchSource:

From Paris to New York

Although she stayed in Paris only for six months, her career literally skyrocketed. The agencies already knew her face from the competition and there was enormous interest in her. What’s more, she was one of the few models from the Eastern bloc in Western Europe back then. That, along with Daniela's beautiful face and sensuality, forged her path to New York.

To NY with a single suitcase and broken English

Daniela left for New York with a single suitcase and mediocre language skills, but she was so enchanted by the city that she decided to move there. From then on, it didn't take long and the long-legged blonde began to appear on the covers of every big fashion magazine, including Vogue or Elle. She posed for Cosmopolitan in front of the lens of the famous photographer Francesco Scavullo.

One of the two Czech Victoria's Secret angels

She also appeared in the Victoria's Secret catalog, and it didn’t take long for her to become one of the brand's angels, which is an exclusive contract that many a model can only dream about. So far, Daniela and Karolína Kurková are the only Czech models who managed to get one. That enabled her to act in a spot alongside Tom Jones and Stephanie Seymour or Karen Mulder and Tyra Banks.

Three times as a Sports Illustrated star

Another milestone in Daniela's career followed soon: Sports Illustrated. Specifically, the "swimsuit issue" of the magazine, which is published once a year and perceived as a unit of measure for a supermodel’s success of the supermodel. Models such as Tyra Banks and Heidi have appeared in it as well. Daniela achieved this goal not once, but three times.

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Daniela Peštová pózuje ve žlutých plavkách
Daniela Peštová pózuje ve žlutých plavkáchSource:

Her first marriage failed

Next to professional success, Daniela also celebrated success of the personal kind in New York. It is where she met her first husband, former director of the Fashion Café chain, Tommaso Buti, with whom she has a son, Yannic. However, the marriage did not last and in 1998 the couple divorced.

Daniela and Paľo

In 2000, the beautiful top model received an offer to return to Prague and become the host of a fashion show. She accepted the offer, forming a host duo with singer Pavol Habera. They later became a couple even in personal life, and they’re currently raising their daughter Ella, son Paul Henry, and Daniela's son from her first marriage together.

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Daniela Peštová a Palo Habera
Daniela Peštová a Palo HaberaSource:

Decades in the spotlight!

And what’s Daniela doing now? She still has an active modeling career and has no plans to change that. In October, for example, she posed in front of the lens of New York photographer Cass Bird during a photo shoot of Victoria's Secret Christmas campaign alongside stars such as Helena Christensen.

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Daniela Peštová v bílém topu
Daniela Peštová v bílém topuSource:

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Daniela Peštová v černé podprsence
Daniela Peštová v černé podprsenceSource:

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Daniela Peštová na posteli s knihou
Daniela Peštová na posteli s knihouSource:

A woman of many professions

Aside of that, she also contributes to various Czech fashion magazines, or helped select promising beauties in a modeling competition. We could also see her on TV screens as a host on Masterchef. However, she likes to say that she is primarily a full-time mother.

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Daniela Peštová v rudém topu
Daniela Peštová v rudém topuSource:

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Daniela Peštová v černém modelu
Daniela Peštová v černém modeluSource:

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Daniela Peštová v červeno-bílém svetru
Daniela Peštová v červeno-bílém svetruSource:

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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