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Near the so-called Dancing House on Ressl Street, you’ll find an exclusive multifunctional facility which hosts regular meetings of interesting people who discuss non-traditional topics. You can also rent the premises for your own unique event or party.

Dancing Kitchen: Inspiring Events and Social Cooking in Prague

Eva Ledecká
14.Nov 2016
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Dancing kitchen with hand-painted pattern

A view of the Prague castle and the Vltava River in combination with exquisite design furniture and professional cuisine. The Dancing Kitchen introduces a new concept for networking, via a spontaneous and entertaining form in luxurious premises and delicious meals

Exclusive premises for unique projects

The Dancing Kitchen has a strong atmosphere of being home, and this will leave an impression on all participants. It is an ideal venue for events such as business breakfasts, teambuilding, press releases, seminars, workshops or photo shoots. The facility will prepare a program tailored to your needs and ideas, including a concept for the whole evening as well as excellent food, drinks and accompanying music.

Social Cooking

The absolute highlight of this project is so-called Social Cooking. Cooking is entertaining, and can become a pleasant and special experience for everyone – those who love to cook as well as those who don’t cook at all. Cooking allows you to socialize with your guests, strengthen your team in a non-traditional form, and at the end you’ll be well entertained and also well fed. Social cooking is a creative and trendy hobby, one that is becoming a part of daily life and social interactions.

Luxusní vila Praha 530m
Luxusní vila Praha 530m, Praha 4

Public events

The Dancing Kitchen also organizes various interesting and enriching events for the public on its own. One of these is the Club of Cooking Managers – an informal meeting of amateur chefs and professional ones, who bring their gastronomical experience to the table

Regular discussion is a mainstay of the Fashination project, which focuses on various topics from the area of design, art, fashion and style. Guests are predominantly interesting and inspirational individuals.

The marketing institute and the institute for internal communication connect the most prominent specialists in the area, who meet and discuss the latest trends and problems in their fields.

The guests of these events often include very prominent and important individuals from interesting and inspiring environments.

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