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A big blow to both Czech and the global movie industry!

Dagmar Havlová sends a heart to the late Jiří Menzel. He stays with us, say fans

Ing. Petra Zelená
07.Sep 2020
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Jiří Menzel v klobouku

The Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel died over the weekend at the age of 82. His wife Olga announced the sad news on Facebook. Celebrities led by Dagmar Havlová, as well as hundreds of fans, responded to the touching message full of love.

"You stay here with us through your art,"

they say.

Jiřího Menzela znal celý svět.

The death of Jiří Menzel is a huge blow not only to the Czech but also to the global film industry. Films made by him have left a mark on the hearts of viewers across generations. For example, he directed Cutting It Short, The Snowdrop Festival or My Sweet Little Village, which was nominated for an Oscar. He also starred in the series Hospoda (Pub), the films Game of the Apple, Něžný barbar (Gentle Barbarian), Medvídek (Teddy Bear) or The Interpreter. He won an Oscar for Best International Feature Film with Closely Watched Trains. Unfortunately, he will not direct another film. He took his last breath over the weekend. His wife Olga Menzelová informed about his death on Facebook with a touching message in several languages.

"Our most beloved Jirka, the bravest among the brave, yesterday, in our home and in our loving arms, your body left this earthly life. It was our utmost honor and privilege that we could be with you on your last pilgrimage to eternity. Your love for me, and for our girls was the kind of love that never lays down conditions. I thank you for each and every single day I could spend with you. Each was extraordinary. I am also grateful to you for the last three years, as hard as they were. You kept always helping me with your courage, with your appetite and your will to live, and with your humor. I wish for you “a pretty little cloud” as you often used to say… Death cannot end anything. I believe we will meet again, in whatever way. It simply must be so because I feel it cannot be otherwise. I caress you. We love you, from the bottom of our hearts, and forever. Your girls. Olinka, Anička, and Evička,"

wrote Menzelová, and was was showered with condolences by the director's fans and admirers after sharing the loving words.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m, Praha 7

"Mrs. Olga, please accept my sincere condolences. I send energy for you and your daughters… I really respected Mr. Jiří Menzel. All his films were absolutely amazing. But Jiří stays with us and will never leave thanks to his diligence, his character, "

reads one of the many heartfelt comments. Former First Lady Dagmar Havlová also expressed grief at the death of the well-known director:

"Jirka Menzel died. Honor to his memory,"

she wrote on Instagram and added a heart emoticon to prove how close she and Jiří were. Miro Žbirka, Monika Absolonová, Chantal Poullain and Ester Geislerová also took part in sharing comments that paid tribute to Menzel.

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