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“Dad’s Volha”, a film by Jiří Vejdělek, is coming to cinemas.

Dad’s Volha will arrive in cinemas for International Women’s Day

Jana Fikotová
03.Mar 2018
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Viewers can enjoy another film from the workshop of director Jiří Vejdělek on the big screen. According to the director, “Dad’s Volha is a sort of journey into a woman’s fate. A deluxe Czech film, with Eliška Balzerova and Tatiana Wilhelmová in the starring roles, it is full of laughter and tears. It will arrive in cinemas on 8 March as a gift for women on International Women’s Day!

How it all began

The first take of Dad’s Volha was filmed the end of the summer holidays, precisely on 29 August, and filming continued until October in very deluxe locations. The film crew, headed by cameraman Vladimír Smutný, most frequently filmed at the apple orchard on Štampach Farm in the Kokořín region, in Kouřim, Kladno, Lysá nad Labem or in Mělník.

Director Jiří Vejdělek and producer Tomáš Hoffman had the opportunity to collaborate on a film once more, following the successful romantic comedies “Bezva ženska na krku, “Ženy v pokušení” or Muži v naději”.

“This time events will be affected by tense family relations and I was attracted by the opportunity of appealing to viewers with a powerful story and also giving actors an opportunity,” said Vejdělek.

Eliška Balzerová, who plays costume designer Eva, is a bon vivant and the wife of the charming Ludvík, who unexpectedly dies. As a result, Eva has no idea that as well as their daughter Tereza (Tatiana Wilhelmová), Ludvík also had an illegitimate son of the same age. However, woman of action Tereza finds a drawing, which reveals this secret, but her mother has no desire to hear anything about it. She and her husband both lived second lives full of lovers.

In the end both women decide to follow the trail of this unknown family member and take Ludvík’s Volha GAZ 21 to visit his former lovers (Vilma Cibulková, Eva Holubová, Hana Maciuchová).

“Iva K. Jestřábová wrote the original screenplay and I was ecstatic to find a story about women that truly entertains me as a man,” Vejdělek says happily.

Viewers will also be able to see Martin Myšička as the husband of Tereza (Tatiana Wilhelmová), Boleslav Polívka in the role of Ludvík’s best friend, and also Jana Plodková, Eva Holubová, Emílie vašáriová, Vilma Cibulková and Václav Neužil.

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

A deluxe veteran as the star

The Volha Gaz 2, nicknamed the Tsarina, plays one of the most important roles in the film. “A well-cared for veteran, which ladies' man and jazz trumpet player Ludvík purchased on a whim at one time. And, as the character portrayed by Eliška Balzerová says,....”that Volha is the only rival I was ever jealous of,”,“ the director described the rare veteran.

To find out how the mother and daughter’s adventure ends, you have to visit the cinema from 8 March. "Jiří Vejdělek is good, I have experienced that with him when making “Ženy v pokušení”. You laugh while you are crying. You can expect love, laughter and tears, and also adventure, investigation of the past and an unexpected conclusion," Eliška Balzerová says as she invites everyone to the film.





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