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Czech-Slovak ball at the Municipal House

Czech-Slovak ball: Luxurious gowns, expensive jewels and fine dining

Jana Fikotová
26.Feb 2018
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Nikol Moravcová with her boyfriend

For the fifth time, the Municipal House opened its doors for one of the most highly-anticipated balls of the season. This time, the Czech-Slovak ball was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia and the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Czech and Slovak Republics. It was hosted by Zorka Hejdová and Roman Pomajbo. 

Famous personalities

Many were looking forward to the long-awaited ball to see Karel Gott, but he was unfortunately obliged to cancel his performance due to illness. Nevertheless, the high-capacity event had no shortage of big names, like Dara Rolins, Bára Basiková, Eva Urbanová or Vašo Patejdl.

Luxurious promenade

Like every year, this year’s ball wouldn’t have been complete without luxurious gowns and expensive jewels. Not only the Czech Miss 2016 Nikol Švantnerová, but also Nikol Moravcová brought out jewellery worth a million crowns to the ball, as well as their male counterparts.

“This time my boyfriend is not only watching over me, but also over the jewels loaned to me by the Czech jewellery brand ALO Diamonds,” admitted Švantnerová.

Nikol Moravcová opted for the luxury jeweller Aurum and her earrings and ring featured eighty diamonds. “I chose a very thematic robe with the three national colours to go with the jewels, which are truly amazing,” added Moravcová with a smile.

Czech Miss World 2016 Natálie Kotková, singer Celeste Buckingham, Czech Miss 2015 Nikol Švantnerová or the wife of Martin Dejdar Daniela all wore stunning gowns by the Poner designer duo. On the contrary, host Gabriela Lašková and Monika Leová opted for dresses by designer Tatiána Kovaříková.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Gourmet experience

One of the main highlights of the ball was the unforgettable gourmet experience. The luxurious menu for the most discerning of diners featured six courses. To start, guests savoured a cauliflower omelette with cauliflower marinated in 20-year-old balsamic vinegar, rabbit gelatine with pistachios and cognac wrapped in Parma ham and apple chutney with saffron. The main course featured a veal rib eye steak with champignons, potato stuffed with mushroom ragout, mushroom espuma, vegetables, haddock in a herb crust, puree o caramelised carrot and fennel poached in Pernod.

To finish, guests were treated to nougat cake a la Oldřich Nový and raspberry cake a la Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

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