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Ceremony of Czech Lion Awards

Czech Lion Film Awards: Ice Mother Dominated Rudolfinum

Jana Fikotová
11.Mar 2018
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Six luxury statuettes were won by the film Ice Mother, including that of the best film, the best director and actors, Zuzana Kronerová and Pavel Nový. The prize for extraordinary contribution to Czech cinematography was obtained by Alois Fišárek.

On Saturday 10th March was held what is already a 25th luxury award ceremony of the Czech Film and Television Academy, bearing the name Czech Lion. This year the statuette was also given a completely new design makeover. The red carpet in front of Rudolfinum was filled shortly before seven o´clock in the evening when the guests started to arrive and, above all, the nominees. You can have a look for yourself at what kind of dresses and luxury gowns could be seen on the red in our article here: Fashion at Czech Lion Awards.

The greatest attention of those present was drawn by actress Zdenka Procházková who looked stunning at 91 years of age.

“I came to hand over the award for the best costumes. I think that this category is very important," she said shortly before the broadcast.

In the course of the evening the prize was awarded to Simona Rybáková for the best costumes for the historic drama, Milada. 

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

The statuettes are distributed

A standing ovation was received by Alois Fišárek, who won the luxury award for extraordinary contribution to Czech cinematography. The film editor was moved."You know, I am not accustomed to stand in front of the camera and express thanks for awards. I spent my whole life in my film-editing room, having had the opportunity to meet with the stars in person as well as to see them on the silver screen. I very much appreciate the award," he said.

Most nominations were received by the film Ice Mother, i.e. Fourteen of them at that! In the end, this picture was awarded six statuettes, i.e. for the best female as well as the best male acting performance in the main role, directorship, the best film, the best screenplay and the best female supporting role.

"Today, we dominated the Lion awards and I am extremely happy for that. Most of all, I wished the prize to be won by Pavel Nový and Bohdan Sláma," Kronerová said emotionally.

Actor Boleslav Polívka, who made this year´s TV spots for Czech Lion awards, handed over the non-statutory Magnezia prize for the best student film to Michal Blašek, for the picture Atlantida, 2003, which follows the fate of a young Ukrainian couple, planning their escape to Germany. The evening was hosted by presenter Adéla Vinczeová. "It is an honour for me to be able to host Czech Lion awards, moreover in Slovak. If I had to speak Czech, it would be a blunder," she admitted.

New design of the statuette

In Rudolfinum the new luxury Lion statuette, inspired by poeticism of Josef Lada as well as Czech Cubism, was awarded to Czech film makers. Its author is designer Rony Plesl and the glass statuettes were produced by Rückl glassworks, where he is engaged as art director. Forty luxury crystal trophies were created for the 25th year of Czech Lion awards. The statuette weighs two kilograms and including the stand it is about 28 cm high. One statuette takes three days to be made.

Czech Lion Film Awards:

BEST FILM - Ice Mother
BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM - Red, Director Olga Sommerová
BEST DIRECTOR - Ice Mother, Director Bohdan Sláma BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN A LEADING ROLE - Zuzana Kronerová, Ice Mother BEST MALE PERFORMANCE IN A LEADING ROLE - Pavel Nový, Ice Mother
BEST SCREENPLAY - Bohdan Sláma, Ice Mother
BEST CAMERA - Vladimír Smutný, Barefoot BEST FILM EDITING - Jiří Brožek, Michal Lánský, Jana Vlčková, Dirt
BEST SOUND - Jakub Čech, Claus Lynge, Barefoot
BEST MUSIC - Irena and Vojtěch Havel, Křižáček
BEST FILM SET DESIGN - Aurel Kliment, Martin Velíšek, František Lipták, Lajka
BEST COSTUMES - Simona Rybáková, Milada
BEST MAKE-UP - Andrea McDonald, Milada
PRIZE MAGNESIA FOR THE BEST STUDENT FILM - non-statutory prize - Atlantida, 2003 - Michal Blaško
BEST CINEMATIC POSTER - non-statutory prize, Barefoot - Jiří Karásek, Lukáš Fišárek
PRIZE OF MOVIE FANS - non-statutory prize, Barefoot, Jan Svěrák

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