Czech Lion Award 2020: Čermák and Lábus will compete with a child without an ID

The gala evening of the 27th Czech Lion Award is approaching
16.Jan 2020
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The Czech Lion Film Awards ceremony is slowly but surely approaching, and so the Czech Film and Television Academy has announced the nominees. This year's 27th edition will belong to the movie Vlastníci, which boasts an incredible twelve nominations. A step behind is the Painted Bird, having received one nomination less. The Czech Republic will learn the names of the winners on 7 March. Let's take a look at the other nominees and find out which Czech films are worth seeing in the cinema!

The Academy didn't have an easy job this year. It had to select the best among the nominees of 64th feature films, documentaries and animation films that had their screening in 2019. The movies will compete for the Czech Lion Award in a total of 15 categories.

Luxusní byt na pronájem - Praha 1 - Josefov
Luxusní byt na pronájem - Praha 1 - Josefov, Praha 1

Most of the nominations went to Jiří Havelka's drama Vlastníci (The Owners). If you haven't seen the movie, don't hesitate to go to the cinema. The film guarantees not only great entertainment, but also the opportunity to see impressive acting performances. It features Tereza Ramba and Vojtěch Kotek in the lead roles.

Despite the fact that Václav Marhoul's film won't be going to California for this year's Oscars, his Painted Bird will fight for a statuette at home. And it will be a tough battle. This dark drama, which follows the fate of a small Jewish boy and his strong will to survive, touched many a spectator during the screening. Competing for the award in the Best Film category will also be the movies On the Roof, Old-Timers and A Certain Kind of Silence.

Jenovéfa Boková (for the film Karel, Me and You), Iva Janžurová (Shotgun Justice), Eliška Křenková (A Certain Kind of Silence), Dagmar Havlová and Tereza Ramba (Vlastníci) will compete in the category Best Actress in a Leading Role. The names alone don't leave any doubt that choosing a single winner won't be easy this year, and same goes for the men's category.

Competing for the Czech Lion Award in the category Best Actor in a Leading Role will be Alois Švehlík (for the film On the Roof), Hynek Čermák (Národní třída), Jiří Schmitzer (Old-Timers), Jiří Lábus (Vlastníci) and Petr Kotlár for The Painted Bird. This almost 12-year-old boy is the youngest nominated actor since 1996, when the actor Andrej Chalimon, who portrayed Kolja in Jan Svěrák's film, received the award for Best Supporting Actor.

The history of the Czech Lion Award goes back to 1993. The crystal trophies come from the hand of Czech designer Jakub Bedrych. The awards ceremony takes place on Saturday, March 7, in Prague's Rudolfinum. For the second time, the whole evening will be hosted by actor Václav Kopta.

If you're still not sure, which artist you'd like the crystal award to go to above others, and haven't seen the nominated films, why not use the opportunity to broaden your cultuaral knowledge? Taking a break from the current Star Wars or Jumanji in 4DX craze to watch a quality Czech film can be a completely different, pleasant experience.

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