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The cinema offers 3 Czech film premières in May. What can you look forward to?

Czech Films in Cinemas: Lábus with the Soul of a Child, Dejdar at Teambuilding

Jana Fikotová
23.May 2018
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Guys From The Mountains

Guys From The Mountains - the film also stars the son of Martin Dejdar

The new luxury picture of director Tomáš Magnuska, Guys From The Mountains, is a story of a teenage boy who loses both parents in a car crash. His only relative is a generation older uncle, who was at 35 years of age diagnosed with infection of the brain and thus has the mentality of a five year old child. In the main roles appear Martin Dejdar and Jiří Lábus.

Guys From The Mountains
In short

"For a long time now I wished to make a film again with Jiří Lábus. I am pleased that it´s happened," Dejdar admitted.

In the film, teenage Dejdar is played by his real son, Matěj. "We have been looking for someone to play the main character for a long time, someone who would bear a bit of likeness to Martin. Unfortunately, we found no one, so I invited Matěj to the casting, too, and although he has no acting ambitions, he has been absolutely authentic," Magnusek commented.

The movie Guys From The Mountains will represent other luxurious and the famous names, too, such as Lenka Termerová, Martin Huba or Pavel Nový. In the role of the priest will appear Václav Neckář, whom you know from the Oscar-winning Sharply Observed Trains, or actress Eva Vejmělková. The film which was shot at several locations of East Bohemia is a kind of demonstration that Magnusek is able to make films with a good plot. You can see the film in the cinemas as soon as from 3rd May

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

In short - a film about a lie and disappointment in love

A story about children that pass the test of adulthood somehow prematurely and about adults who cannot help not only them but themselves either. The main hero, a boy called Jacob, finds out that his entire life has so far been just a lie. The tale about his father, who cannot spend time with him because he is on a ship overseas is suddenly shattered and Jacob finds out that his father in fact just didn´t care about him - but now he wants to get involved. His older stepsister in turn experiences her first romantic disappointment. In the main roles you can see Jindřich Skokan, Julie Issa, Petra Špalková or Marta Vančurová. The cinema première is 31st May.

Teambuilding - bank employees set off to the mountains!

Improving working relations, i.e. one great luxury party of work colleagues. A film about employees of one large bank from a district city set off to the mountains for a teambuilding weekend. The aim is to improve relations within the team and work on their work skills. Most of the employees don´s know at all what to expect, not even the director himself. They all imagine a luxurious ´school´ trip paid for by the company, but a trio of hired instructors, who organise the whole event for three days have prepared an exhausting programme whose aim is to physically tire them and in the almost broken bodies of the participants to jump start work motivation.

During all the torment is revealed the true character of the individual employees. Those who believed in God, think of sins, teetotallers become alcoholics, conservative ladies turn into flirting tarts and timid men into funny gigolos. The final party is a real spectacle. The desire of majority of the participants is to experience something completely different from what they know from their stereotype lives. You can see the luxurious film with Miloslav Mejzlík in the main role in our cinemas from 31st May.

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