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Designer Roman Kvita gave the Suveren bicycle its distinctive look, which builds on the simple principle: modern but stylish.

The Czech Design Bicycle, Suveren: "You Can Safely Ride it in a Suit!"

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01.Apr 2019
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Kolo Suveren

Are you looking for a luxurious city bike "Made in the Czech Republic"? The Suveren brand, behind which stand Tomáš Rapi and Zdeněk Svoboda, joined forces with Czech designer, Roman Kvita, who is engaged in product design and a bicycle was created with a proud name:

"We wanted our bicycles to expressed a certain lifestyle. By that we mean that you have all your things organised and you are living your ideal life".

What makes this bicycle so exceptional? This question may be answered by one of the creators, Tomáš Rapi:

"From its basis, it´s been created and designed with the city in mind. We can disclose our three basic principles.

1. A bike must be absolutely reliable and practical.

2. The appearance is extremely important. The overall impression consists of design of the frame and that of the accessories. It is not a mobile advertising, but a product which belongs to the client and is only his.

3. Our bicycle should serve as something which defines one, expressing a certain attitude”.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

"The Suveren bicycles are intended for people who see something more in urban and recreational cycling. It is about lifestyle and modern way of life in the city," adds the manufacturer, Tomáš Rapi.

The competition got something to worry about.

The luxurious Suveren bicycle is constructed on a belt drive, not on a chain in combination with internal shifting of gears. It is therefore quiet, clean and in the main completely maintenance free. Everything is hidden within the frame, nothing needs to be lubricated, greased or cleaned. "You can ride it safely even wearing a suit," notes its creator, Tomáš Rapi.

And feelings from a ride? It is fast and quiet; you hear only the sound of the wind and the wheels on the road ...

The series of luxury bicycles contins various types: Urban line (around CZK 40,000,-, the Classic line (price of around CZK 50,000,-) and the Race line (CZK 75,000).

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