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Čtvrtníček in the hospital, Bílá and Stašová handled the virus better

Czech celebrities spreading coronavirus! Bílá is already healthy, others still fighting

Karolína Lišková
27.Sep 2020
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Lucie Bílá se Simonou Stašovou.

Saying “you can't buy health for money and fame” is now doubly true. The coronavirus cuts down all those who cross its path. Many Czech VIP celebrities have already experienced Covid-19 or are currently struggling with it. Some would not even notice that they were ill, but for example, Petr Čtvrtníček had to go to Motol hospital in Prague due to his condition.

The usually-funny 56-year-old actor was even connected to a respirator due to his deteriorating condition. However, his condition allegedly stabilized after a while and he was transferred to a regular room.

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Petr Čtvrtníček
Petr ČtvrtníčekSource:

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

Zagorova in the hospital, husband at home

Singer Hana Zagorová also had to be hospitalized, the course of the illness was complicated by a blood disease she has been treated with for years.

"It's a terrible bitch, this virus. It's way better now, but it wasn't quite pleasant, to be honest. It really puts a lot on a person and the physical body,"

Said in TV show Showtime 74-year-old Zagorová, whose husband, singer Stefan Margita, was also infected, but underwent treatment at home and is now happy that his wife has finally returned home.

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Manželé Štefan Margita a Hana Zagorová
Manželé Štefan Margita a Hana ZagorováSource:

"I think the whole apartment caught a new breath, as it had been very sad without her here. We have started cooking some good food right away because we both lost weight from this illness, so that was lovely,"

he shared.

Stašová was out of order

Actress Simona Stašová also does not have the best memories of Covid-19. Although her condition was not serious enough to go to the hospital. Stašová publicly confided that the virus had her completely taken out of service. She was so tired that she slept for sixteen hours a day. After nine days, she started to function at home a little. Her mother Jiřina Bohdalová tried to support her.

"She cooked and always left the pots behind my door,"

says with love Stašová, who, after being cured of coronavirus, visited the grand opening of the new Lucie Bílá theatre, where the artists shared their quarantine experience.

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Herečka Simona Stašová
Herečka Simona StašováSource:

Bílá called the virus a stupid flu

Singer Lucie Bílá described the coronavirus as a stupid flu that can be survived. According to her, she didn't notice it at all, but of course, she followed the quarantine. However, right after, she has opened her own theater in Karlova Street without a face mask, which annoyed her fans, as she immediately hurried to be among people.

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Lucie Bílá
Lucie BíláSource:

Anife has no sense of smell

Anife Ismet Hassan Vyskočilová admitted that she had also tested positive. She lost only her sense of smell and taste. Otherwise, she was quite alright, despite having expected a worse progression of the illness due to her other health problems. Because of all the meds she has been taking all her life, her liver has been damaged.

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Obličej Anife doma v karanténě
Obličej Anife doma v karanténěSource:

In the editorial office, we wish not only all "ordinary" citizens but also the famous ones good health.

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