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Which of the stars at the Czech Ball really sparkled and who would have done better going home to get changed?

Czech Ball 2019: Beautiful Moravcová as well as the Fashion Police of Žádníková-Volencová!

Martina Šmalclová
03.Feb 2019
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Nikol Moravcová

10 beauties under the microscope

Nikol Moravcová, Veronika Chmelířová, Hana Mašlíková Reinders, Pavlína Němcová, Iveta Vítová, Veronika Kašáková, Jana Bernášková, Hanka Kynychová, Tereza Mátlová a Zdeňka Žádníková-Volencová under the microscope. Another luxury ball is behind us, and so the time has come for our uncompromising Fashion Against the Current to take office!

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Charming expectant mother Nikol Moravcová

Expectant mother Nikol Moravcová put on a lush green dress from the OUI boutique in Prague. She accentuated its beauty by divine jewellery by Gucci with amethysts and diamonds. The gentle wavy locks which went perfectly with the luxurious gown were taken care of by hairdresser Michal Zapomněl. Nikol who during the evening lovingly caressed her growing belly belonged to stunning gems of the evening.

Lovely fairy Veronika Chmelířová

Model Veronika Chmelířová looked in the luxury evening gown by Beata Rajská like an ethereal fairy. The clutch bag she chose, high heels and minimum of jewellery hit the bull´s eye. Beauty that is a joy to behold.

Hana Mašlíková Reinders: Visit from the Frozen Kingdom  

Hanka Mašlíková Reinders put on an evening gown as from the Frozen Kingdom, and together with her husband they belonged to the best-dressed couples of the evening. Beautiful! This is exactly what a dress code to such a significant event such as the Czech Ball should look like.

Pavlína Němcová: There is strength in black

Model and actress Pavlína Němcová introduced minimalist black to the Czech Ball. The dress featured interesting details in the form of gathering and the atypically designed skirt. This style suits Pavlína perfectly and we couldn´t have imagined her in anything more striking.  

Iveta Vítová: She placed her bet on Poner

Model Iveta Vítová put on a dress by Poner, designer duo already well-known to everyone. She is not the first to have presented it at a formal event. It is a bit of a shame and in Iveta´s place we would have chosen something less notoriously known. But Iveta looks great in this beautiful gown and the cut and colour flatter her. Let her be forgiven!

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

Veronika Kašáková: Unflattering cut

Model Veronika Kašáková put on a dress from the workshop of Zuzana Lešák Černá. Although the dress has a beautiful back as well as the skirt; however, in the area of the chest there in one big ´BUT´! It unsightly deforms the busts and does so visibly at a first glance. We commend the beautiful minimalist make-up and hairstyle, which was a real success.

Jana Bernášková surprised

Jana Bernášková is sometimes insecure when it comes to fashion, so one can say that this time round she delivered a pleasant surprise. The black dress is almost beyond reproach. Apart from the sparkly clasp at the waist... That piece has been over the zenith for a long time now.  

Hanka Kynychová: An unfortunate choice of dress

The gym instructor and trainer Hanka Kynychová had either recently stopped to exercise according to her Six Pack programme, or she reached for a really unfortunate type of a dress. The evening gown from the studio of Marta Musilová looks unflattering on the figure, adding inches, too. 

Tereza Mátlová: Reprehensible material!

It is no secret that Tereza Mátlová has not got the 90-60-90 model measures. That is why her choice of dress by designer Marta Musilová is a great surprise and mystery to us. A similar material is risky and, in this case, really unfortunate.

Zdeňka Žádníková-Volencová: Flop of the evening

Theatre and television actress Zdeňka Žádníková-Volencová placed her bet on designer Jitka Klett and she should not have done. At least not when choosing a gown for the Czech Ball. The dress and the overall styling looks like something from the distant past and her friend Věra Komárová struggled with the dress code in a similar unfortunate way. Certainly, a flop of the evening!  

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

The formal ball season is not yet over, and so it is time to have a closer look at the interesting events in Prague. I must say that the Czech ball was really worth it! And how did it turn out fashion-wise this time round? Let´s shed some light on it!

Nikol Moravcová - I am a rainbow fairy

The expectant blogger-mother of the year, Nikol Moravcová arrived at the Czech Balls in emerald-green gown from the OUI boutique in Prague, which she combined with a gold Jimmy Choo clutch bag and hired Gucci jewellery. From a distance it is a perfect match, but the moment I see the burgundy-red nails, the struggle between the gold clutch and silver "chain" and the bow tie of her husband, there are suddenly too many colours at once. So, the next time round I would prefer a classic black bow tie, a smaller clutch of silver colour, and nails in the same shade as the jewellery. At that point it would be a clear 100%. So just a hair´s-breadth miss...

Dress: 87 % Make-up and hair: 99 %

Veronika Chmelířová - like a fairy

Model Veronika Chmelířová was a pleasant surprise. She looked like an ethereal beauty from a magic forest dressed only in the finest of tulles sprinkled with morning dew. This goes hand in hand with the loose, romantic up do. The combination of it all is simply perfect and harmonious. There is elegance and flair, but above all the vision of Beata Rajská. I would only swap this bigger golden clutch bag for a smaller one of pearly tone.

Dress: 90 % Make-up and hair: 98 %

Hank Kynychová - Optical hallucination

Training instructor Hanka Kynychová has a beautiful toned physique. As one of few women she can therefore afford de facto any style or cut of a dress. Unfortunately, not the same applies to colours. A dress with a halter neck and a deep neckline? Entirely all right. But that crazy mix of colours?! Cream, brown, bronze, gold, silver, and the whole mixed together. And what happens? Suddenly we have the cons in the form of optical illusion of swelling and an absolutely confused colourful pattern. A great pity! The next time round I would look for a more simple evening gown from designer Marta Musilová.

Dress: 45 % Make-up and hair: 75 %

Zdeňka Žádníková-Volencová - Family Ties 2019

Actress Zdeňka Žádníková-Volencová has not been seen for a number of years at any social event. Unfortunately, this is reflected by her ball gown by Jitka Klett. It looks like a piece from the time of her greatest glory in the ´Family Ties´ TV series. That was in 2004! A lot has changed since then, especially in the field of fashion. That´s why for me this model is the absolute flop of the ball. Therefore, I would like to ask everyone once again; if you have something similar at home from the days gone by: "Yes, it is difficult, but you have to get rid of it. The end!”

Dress: 0 % Make-up and hair: 50 % 

Ornella Koktová
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