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He was a gifted student of Jožo Plečnik, he lived and worked in the years 1892 - 1966. He left a heritage of successful, timeless architectural projects and developments. He was hardworking, innovative, drawing inspiration from heritage of Mediterranean cultures.

Czech Architects: Otto Rothmayer as Architect of Choice of T. G. Masaryk!

Mgr. Jana Höger
26.Dec 2018
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Villa, Otto Rotmayer

The architect's luxury villa as a reflection of his soul

The architect built his own house as a memorial to his talent. His designs are timeless, technologically sophisticated and very daring for his time. This also applies to the villa of Otto Rothmayer which he built for his family and parents. At the beginning the budget was considerable (100,000 dinars) and the size was 72 square meters. He designed a rectangle with a staircase hidden in the middle of a cylinder placed in the axis of the house. It has two floors with a cellar and an attic. The otherwise austere exterior is balanced out by an innovatively-looking interior. The architect paid attention to every detail, admired precision and top-quality materials, often using massive brushed wood, too.

Life in his own house

Rothmayer´s family occupied the luxury villa in Prague district of Břevnov for over 77 years; since its construction in the years 1928/1929 to 2006, when his son Jan sold the house of the capital city of Prague. Neither the Nazis nor the Communists took any interest in it, among other things due to the fact that heating was provided by tile stoves. It became a favourite by photographer Josef Sudek. Jiří Trnka drew inspiration at its garden for the creation of his fairy-tale, Garden. Now the house is a part of the luxury Gallery of the Capital City of Prague which to it open it to the general public after costly refurbishment.

Historická kancelář na prodej 198m2 na Praze
Historická kancelář na prodej 198m2 na Praze, Praha 1

With love to Prague Castle

The Czech inter-war period President, T. G. Masaryk appointed Plečnik as his architect of choice. After he left for his birthplace, Ljublany, O. Rothmayer took over his business tasks. He had a unique opportunity to design a part of furnishings and interior designs for President Masaryk´s apartments!

The actual implementation

After 1930 he then worked on his projects, such as the reconstruction of the Teresian Wing of the Old Royal Palace. He created a unique, luxurious spindle staircase, still attractive by its elegant structure. The spectacular hall now bears his name. Klínová chodba, a corridor at the building of forestry administration also bears his signature.

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