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This architect is connected with the Capital City both through his life and his creativity. He loved the city of his birth and he devoted his whole life to it. He was born in Prague on the 13th January 1894 and died on the 5th February 1979. Although his original proposal ended in third place in the competition nevertheless he gave the world a luxurious and well-known building - the Trade Fair Palace.

Czech Architects: Josef Fuchs and Veletržní (Trade Fair) Palace

Mgr. Jana Höger
28.Jul 2017
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Veletržní palác in 30's

The birth of the artist

Josef Fuchs’ teacher, the architect Josip Plečnik, intervened quite radically in Josef Fuchs’ creative life. In the early stages of his work, he continued working in his traditional manner but over time, he sought out his own artistic background. He then increasingly found himself operating on the basis of an increasingly modernist tendency.

Veletržní palác
Cafe in 6th floor, the end of 20's
Nationall Gallery in Veletržní palác

The Trade Fair Palace and an indelible architectural trail

He worked with Oldřich Tyl on the Trade Fair Palace project and stayed in his shadow. The construction began in 1925 and the building was opened on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic. It is a functionalist building that is dominant in Prague Holešovice and at the time of its creation it was the largest of its kind in the world and served Prague for sample trade fairs. The construction and all the other spaces were badly damaged by the fire in 1974 and two years later it was decided to renovate the building, which then continued till the 1990’s. In 1976 the National Gallery in Prague became its new owner and it created a permanent exhibition of Modern Art of the 20th and later of the 21st Century in the interior of a luxury building.

Josef Fuchs’ architectural luxury

Luxurious buildings do not necessarily need to be overflowing with intricate construction, expensive materials and spectacular decoration. Josef Fuchs worked based on the concept of maximum functionality. His villas and his other projects prove that simplicity, perfect proportions and geometric precision also have something to say in the 21st Century.

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

If we take a look at his own villa, which was built on rather difficult sloping terrain above Prague, we can find simplicity and perhaps even commonness. But appearances can be deceptive. The architectural design is accurate and creates enough room for spacious and luxurious living including providing a flat for a housekeeper.

Josef Fuchs also created other villas and family houses in Prague 6 and Prague 9. He was also the creator of the winter stadium in Štvanice, where four world championships took place. A slight change was the cooperation that was offered in the grounds of the Zoo in Prague Troja.

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