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His artistic activity was associated with Prague. Střešovice or Bubeneč bear proudly his luxurious architectural heritage.

Czech Architects: Jaroslav Vondrák Managed to Build National Treasures out of Bricks Only!

Mgr. Jana Höger
25.Jul 2018
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Ořechovka - Jaroslav Vondrák's villa

In the midst of work

During his relatively short life he has managed to create a few original and luxurious buildings. At the beginning of the last century an open tender was published by councillors of the city of Prague for an urban development of Prague 6 - Střešovice. The winning project originated from the pen of architectural duo, Vondrák and Šenkýř. It was aimed to prevent uniformity of residential buildings. That is why it was supposed to alternate detached and terraced houses, which were to contain two and three-room apartments. They have managed to create a unique complex, the first major post-war residential colony.

House of a great architect

Jaroslav Vondrák built his own detached villa at Západní Street in the style of expressive modernism, a significant feature of the construction is its asymmetric design. The construction material is divided into three sections reminiscent of fanciful ships which are inserted into one another. The construction is dominated by an originally designed chimney which looks like a rudder. The entrance was later on, during the 30´s, roofed by glass panels. The villa reacts to the spirit of its architect, his courage to experiment, daring to make a stir.

Vondrák´s take on beauty of bricks

By that we mean his buildings in Prague-Bubeneč. A brick as such is in architectural terminology a fundamental building block of sides with that are in perfect proportion; 4:2:1. This probably does not sound like much. But if this is merged with architect´s vision, the result is amazing. Jaroslav Vondrák simply could do wonders with bricks; it is evident by the luxurious residential homes on the corner of Verdun and Charle de Gaulle.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

The central building of the luxurious district of Ořechovka

The district´s urban style is that of an English garden town. In the central outlay of the square Vondrák designed commercial and cultural facilities of the local villa development. It was a building which included a large theatre and dance hall, a cinema as well as a restaurant with a café. It is a stylish connection of a luxurious art nouveau and Cubism; in unexpected interplay.

It should be added that Jaroslav Vondrák was a gifted student of Jan Kotěra. He managed always to marry his acquired knowledge with his talent and remains to this day to be a recognized, exceptional architect.

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