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We could say that F. A. Libra was one of the most active authors during the inter-war period and this is no exaggeration for many reasons. Would you take a liking to this architect’s work?

Czech architects: F. A Libra was a sober and rational architect

Mgr. Jana Höger
11.Sep 2018
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Villa by F.A. Libra

The creative diversity of František Albert Libra

This artist lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. However, his buildings remain modern to this day, because they are timeless and have a refined style. If we examined his creative life we would find a number of executed buildings, competition projects and urban plans. And that is not all. Libra’s talent also manifested in the design of display installations and exhibitions. He also tried his hand at graphic work and was also active in the field of the theory of art.

He used precious stone to clad the facades of building societies

Inter-war influences, in which he found his “deluxe architectural self”, contributed to creating his authorial style. He was captivated by the national style, decorativism and purism, but functionalism, which he spiced up with elements of classicism and a Wagneresque style, remained close to his heart. He put a lot of effort into the buildings housing banks and building societies: he used precious stone to clad the facades, so that they looked trustworthy and respectable - deluxe and reliable institutions. His unique Central Records of the Social Insurance Company building (1936) is located in Prague 5 for example and buildings he designed are also located in Louny, Rakovník, Rokycany or Chrudim.

Luxusní byt Vinohrady - 230m
Luxusní byt Vinohrady - 230m, Praha 2

An excellent urban planner and functionalist architect

If we also add respect of purity and function to his strong points we will have the entire description of his talent. Entire residential colonies and blocks of flats were built in his style. The complex in the district of Vršovice in Prague, where Libra designed flats for government employees, is interesting and simultaneously deluxe. This is also the first unusual design for eighteen-storey buildings built on a hillside in Prague in a so-called open block style: a park with children’s playgrounds in the inner court. He designed family and weekend villas, sanatoriums, hospitals, etc. He was essentially a person who enjoyed creating, who loved music, books and cars. That was F. A. Libra.

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